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Synonyms for husk

Synonyms for husk

material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds

outer membranous covering of some fruits or seeds

remove the husks from

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mobilis were used simultaneously on guinea corn husk and millet husk respectively.
Corn husk dolls What you'll need: Corn husks-around 30 Twine or string Scissors Pipe cleaners Cottonball or Styrofoam ball the same size as a cottonball Glue (optional) Corn silk (from your corn) optional
1 -- 3 -- color) TAMALE SEASON: Workers at Gourmet Tamale Factory fill corn husks with pork and corn mix and load them into a pan for steaming.
The paper is handmade using natural fibres and colourants such as banana, plant fibre cotton, yucca flour, corn husk fibre, aloe, achiote, coffee and tea.
Stick animals, leaf rubbings, seed jewelry and corn husk dolls are just a few of the projects I have enjoyed trying and that are included here.
All the profits from her company go to local food banks, and the operation provides jobs for a team of eight staffers, Tamale Molly makes 4,500 tamales a day, each hand-tied in a natural corn husk.
But for people from Mexico, a tamale was once a special dish, the product of hours of hand labor Unwrapping a warm corn husk released a comforting aroma of corn, along with thoughts of home and family and celebrations.
Place each fish in one big corn husk or two small ones and add some coriander sauce.
While wandering through the gift shop at the replica of Fort Boonesborough in Kentucky, I spotted The Cherokee for sale amid the handmade soap and corn husk dolls.
Mini Roasted Corn with Chipotle and Mini Crimini Mushroom with Chipotle Chili Tamales: featuring authentic sweet corn masa, special recipe chipotle chili sauce, traditional corn husk wrap, and either roasted corn or crimini mushrooms.
They use unsanitary items such as corn husk, dirty sheets or rags, cotton from mattresses or anything they can find," Smith said.
As noted in the Scott Thompson article in this issue, beaded basket hats have become popular with young ladies who are looking to match the rest of their beaded outfit or don't have access to an artist who works with corn husk materials.
But as entertainment goes, this is as dry as a corn husk.
It's packed cover-to-cover with word finds, mazes, simple projects such as making a corn husk doll, and tons of amazing facts about Arizona history, wildlife, and more
Make corn husk dolls with your friends to honor corn goddess Xilonen.