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a crib for storing and drying ears of corn

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I can remember sort of nut and bolting things together out back with my foster parent Raymond in the converted corn crib we called the garage.
There is electricity and running water now, but the barn and corn crib are gone, as is the outhouse.
Elsewhere, the Corn Crib crafts shop was designed like a corn crib, complete with real corn in its crib walls.
The Excellence in Restoration winners were: Oglethorpe County Jail, Lexington, and Smith Plantation Corn Crib, Roswell.
She was intrigued by the dramatically different rock formations with curious names, such as Corn Crib, Devil's Coffin, Lover's Leap and Fat Man's Misery.
Countryside: This was a 15' tall wire corn crib we cut in half and attached to a mini-barn.
Additional outbuildings on the property include a three-story Carriage House, Bank Barn and Corn Crib.
Within five years, money had been raised to break ground for a new church - which was built in the shape of a corn crib at 808 Main St.