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the midwestern states where corn is grown

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While the basis market has held steady across the United States, grain merchandisers in the western Corn Belt and the Plains have seen basis holding at consistently weak levels since last fall.
The Corn Belt Region for this study includes any state that exceeded an average annual yield of 150 million bushels for the decade 2000-2009.
Within this category, $84 billion has been used to fund programs within the 10 states in the Northern Plains and Corn Belt regions, representing over 47% of all commodity payments.
8220;Hoegemeyer Hybrids is excited to offer growers in the Western Corn Belt these new Optimum[R] AQUAmax[TM] hybrids for the 2012 growing season,” says Stephan Becerra, Hoegemeyer General Manager.
However, a dozen states in the Corn Belt consume less than 100 gallons of water per gallon of ethanol, making them better suited for ethanol production.
In a survey of 3,500 Corn Belt farmers in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota, only 18 percent of respondents reported ever using cover crops, though most believed that doing so would increase soil organic matter and reduce erosion.
BioFuel Energy is a development stage company currently engaged in constructing two 115 million gallons per year ethanol plants in the Midwestern corn belt.
Assuming there are no zombies piloting tractors across the Corn Belt, something has gone awry.
Focus shifted from plentiful moisture supplies across northern and central areas of the Corn Belt to toodry conditions in the southern Corn Belt, Delta and Southeast.
The increase in corn is offset by fewer acres of soybeans in the Corn Belt and Great Plains and fewer acres of cotton in the Delta and Southeast.
Corn Belt states, ethanol distilleries are taking over the corn supply.
Thus, the source population was estimated to be comprised of approximately 62% Corn Belt Dent germplasm (50% BSSS-related, plus an additional 11.
We'll be the largest ethanol production facility out of the traditional corn belt area of the U.
Even though corn sleds and binders were in widespread use in the corn belt by 1919, eastern farmers, who typically raised only 10 or 20 acres of corn each year, were reluctant to spend the money required to buy one of these machines.