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solid swollen underground bulb-shaped stem or stem base and serving as a reproductive structure

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If your area has burrowing rodents like gophers, consider making a "cage" out of chicken wire and bury that in the ground, filling with dirt, and planting corms within the cage.
Fresh corm weight, number of cormels, fresh cormel weight and total yield of corm and cormel (tuber) were significantly higher (P[?
Proterris looks to continue advancing its own gaseous Phase 2/3 trial in delayed graft function prior to moving one of the CORM candidates into clinical trials, which the company aims to start in the next 18-24 months.
Tarom accession had the higher harvesting index, number of leaves, corm diameter, neck diameter to corm diameter ratio, cormlet weight and corm dry matter and the lowest corm height and number of cormlet while the highest total yield and neck diameter was obtained from Hamedan and Langroud accessions respectively (Table 6).
Native to Africa, the corm lives only one year, but as the parent corm dies, a new corm forms on the top of the old corm.
In addition, their pollen can fertilize the egg cell of saffron, giving rise to seeds which are viable, germinate and form new corms.
To expand the period of flowering of the species beyond the two weeks duration in the open, and the concentration of the time of flowering of any batch o f corms to a few days are priority goals (Molina et.
Gladioli and other summer-flowering corms such as ixias and sparaxis, tubers of tropaeolum tuberosum and half-hardy summer-flowering bulbs including tigridias and chincherinchees, should be lifted in autumn when the foliage has been blackened by frost.
Space the corms at about 10-15cm apart and plant twice as deep as the corm is tall.
Plant corms (anemone, crocus and freesia) 3 inches apart and bulbs (tulip, daffodil, hyacinth) 5 inches apart.
Contact: Ana Corms Tel:[52] (55) 5090-4292 Fax:[52] (55) 5090-4460 acorres@fonatur.
Native to southern Africa, these perennials, which grow from corms, thrive in well-drained soil amended with compost.
In the past, homosexual activists, have mocked marriage as a corms.