Coriolis force

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(physics) a force due to the earth's rotation

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The left hand offset of riverbed parts for these small tributaries is related to the hydrodynamic effect of the main river channel causing a spurious effect of Coriolis force [11].
When the flow velocity (v) equals 0 meters/ second/0 feet/second (0m/s/0ft/s), the Coriolis force (Fc) is also 0.
Hence, a more complicated, but sensitive method considering the effects of centripetal forces, Coriolis forces and the inertia of the moving mass loads in a cracked beam is inevitable for predicting the more realistic behavior of the system.
At this speed, the Coriolis force is not strong enough to affect the flame front, preventing the formation of thermonuclear hurricanes.
Primary sensors in inertial navigation are sensors of angular velocity, whose output signals after integration are used for determining the orientation in space, and accelerometers whose output signals after precise compensation of gravitational acceleration and the Coriolis force can be integrated onto the speed and position.
We modify the above method so that it takes into account the possibly dominant convective and Coriolis force terms.
Now they call out in cackling chaotic rattles, as when a drinking straw sucks the bottom or the last bath water whirls to the Coriolis force.
From the simplest theory of the yam unwinding which doesn't take into account the air drag nor the Coriolis force, we know that the tension is proportional to the angular velocity squared
In order for thunderstorms to form into the circular pattern of a hurricane, they need to come under what is known as the Coriolis force - a principle of physics whereby moving objects are deflected relative to a rotating reference frame.
As the fluid accelerates away from the center, a resultant Coriolis force opposes the motion.
Because of the Earth's Coriolis force, this converging air curves to the right, causing winds to move counter-clockwise around the plateau.
Unlike the intermittent energy that is in the winds, tides, and waves, the Gulf Stream's kinetic energy is relatively steady because it is produced by a Coriolis force that results from the earth's eastward rotation.
The MEMS sensor of gyroscope works in principle of resonance and sensing of Coriolis force (2000 c).
These meters measure flow by analyzing changes in Coriolis force of a flowing substance.
It is the Coriolis force on the fluid motion caused by the particle.