Coriolis force

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(physics) a force due to the earth's rotation

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All this air accumulating in subtropical regions (near 30 degrees north) tends to pile up, with more coming in from the south, and the Coriolis force is checking its northward movement.
But Coriolis force bends water currents to the right of the wind direction.
The left hand offset of riverbed parts for these small tributaries is related to the hydrodynamic effect of the main river channel causing a spurious effect of Coriolis force [11].
When the flow velocity (v) equals 0 meters/ second/0 feet/second (0m/s/0ft/s), the Coriolis force (Fc) is also 0.
Hence, a more complicated, but sensitive method considering the effects of centripetal forces, Coriolis forces and the inertia of the moving mass loads in a cracked beam is inevitable for predicting the more realistic behavior of the system.
At this speed, the Coriolis force is not strong enough to affect the flame front, preventing the formation of thermonuclear hurricanes.
Primary sensors in inertial navigation are sensors of angular velocity, whose output signals after integration are used for determining the orientation in space, and accelerometers whose output signals after precise compensation of gravitational acceleration and the Coriolis force can be integrated onto the speed and position.
We modify the above method so that it takes into account the possibly dominant convective and Coriolis force terms.
Although the Coriolis force goes the other way and people see some different constellations in the sky, we're pretty sure that all the natural laws are still in effect.
For example, the role of wind-driven changes includes a review of how local wind-driven currents along a coast can, via the action of the Coriolis force, change coastal sea level, but does not describe how some wind-driven effects can propagate along continental boundaries as coastally trapped waves.
But to Fishmael, "His dream never dies, and this is the true source of his beauty"; "his dream of Atlantis has been the Coriolis force of his life.
The force that acts according to this phenomenon is called the Coriolis force.
The first is that the storm should arise between 5-6[degrees] and 15-20[degrees] in latitude, whether north or south; this is the band within which the strength of the Coriolis force allows the formation of the typical circular movement of the cyclone.
The coriolis force generates a torque measuring proportional to the mass flow, which is transmitted to a strain gage load cell.