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the last Greek order

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Italianate tower, stone urn finials, wall niches, soaring Corinthian columns and delicate brickwork contrast with local stone.
Very impressive are the pictures of Greek architecture particularly the Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian columns.
We spent hours walking round the Dome with a copy of Oleg Grabar's superb guide, concentrating on the smaller details: curled volutes on Corinthian columns, the Mamlukera Arabic writing, the 1,200 square metres of patterned mosaics--what the critic Lisa Golombek describes as the 'draped universe' of Islamic art.
A personal highlight was when the band retired to the shadows of the Corinthian columns of the Bacchus Temple, and Bona brought out his "black magic box, my black magic Baalbek box, by black magic voodoo box.
With Doric columns outside and Corinthian columns inside, the building is about as grand as any private residence in the city.
The Greeks admired the leaves and used their strong architectural shape as garlands on their Corinthian columns.
One of his favourite parts is the entrance with its magnificent Corinthian columns and stone steps leading to glazed doors.
Any minute now, he should be walking past 50-foot-high Corinthian columns flanked by statues of Julius Caesar mounted on war horses and into the private area between the Neptune Pool and Temple Pool, in which I'm standing, comfortably, beside a heat lamp.
Impressive in every detail, the building features a plaza leading to 44 marble steps; a double row of 16 white marble Corinthian columns frame the entrance above which "Equal Justice Under the Law" defines the purpose of the Court.
Christina Poddubiuk's simple yet effective set consisted of disintegrating Corinthian columns linked by wooden scaffolding, with the brick back wall of the theatre left bare.
Its crumbling Corinthian columns, once totaling 23 but now less, still stand tall and proud as remaining evidence of a lost era and a way of life.
Conde Nast Johansens has commented on Bahia del Duque's “inspiration from traditional turn of the 20th century Canarian architecture, being that it is an exclusive complex comprising Corinthian columns, bell towers and vast blue pools - a real oasis of luxury.
Revelers got the chance to sample exotic craft beers and gourmet foods beneath the soaring Corinthian columns of the National Building Museum.
The topmost section of the column, the capital, has a hint of sketched acanthus leaves (acanthus is a common plant in Mediterranean areas), which are identifying features of Corinthian columns.