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We were further saddened to learn that the site had been cleared almost immediately leaving no trace of the buildings stunning Corinthian columns, its ornate corbels or its intricately carved banisters.
Classic loft features include original Corinthian columns, brick walls with arches, wood-framed thermapane windows, and soaring ceiling heights of 12'4" to 16'.
Designers and artists went to excruciating lengths to restore or replicate much of the original ornamentation, including coffered ceilings, light fixtures, intricate plaster moldings and sixteen 30' tall Corinthian columns that encircle the Allen's Rotunda Lobby.
The Abbotsford at 10, Market Place is built of local sandstone with impressive, fluted Corinthian columns at each corner, sash windows, attic and basement, an original staircase and a panelled room.
Baronial fireplaces, Corinthian columns, and stained glass skylights have all been restored and can be yours at a price of $4.
Corinthian columns, crown moulding and embossed panels surround the ceilings and large custom chandeliers are spaced throughout the deck.
At this date classical architecture was more swagger than elegance, and the giant Corinthian columns demand to be recognised, as no doubt their builder did.
Built in 1897 by the famous New York architect, Cass Gilbert, the building's three-story Corinthian columns and granite facade make it a notable stop in local architectural walking tours.
The architect James West was taken to Wren's Royal Hospital in Chelsea and this visit is reflected in the elegant final design of the college with its 800ft frontage and classical entrance block with six Corinthian columns surmounted by a pediment tower and dome.
Italianate tower, stone urn finials, wall niches, soaring Corinthian columns and delicate brickwork contrast with local stone.
Helping to add up to the asking price is also the lavish oak joinery: polished flooring several areas; an impressive staircase with heavy newel posts and intricate panels; solid panelled doors and a most decorative fireplace in the dining room, also carved to include Corinthian columns and some stained glass panelling.
The scheme, designed by leading Birmingham firm Associated Architects, will provide a showcase for the museum's fast-expanding collection of mainly British modern and contemporary art while restoring the historic interior, which features a surprising mix of elaborate Corinthian columns and industrial iron girders.
Other features include a fine armorial window on the landing which also carries two Corinthian columns of oak, which were once part of the chapel of St John's College in Oxford.
We spent hours walking round the Dome with a copy of Oleg Grabar's superb guide, concentrating on the smaller details: curled volutes on Corinthian columns, the Mamlukera Arabic writing, the 1,200 square metres of patterned mosaics--what the critic Lisa Golombek describes as the 'draped universe' of Islamic art.
A personal highlight was when the band retired to the shadows of the Corinthian columns of the Bacchus Temple, and Bona brought out his "black magic box, my black magic Baalbek box, by black magic voodoo box.