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Italian violinist and composer of violin concertos (1653-1713)

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Certainly Corelli lied blatantly about everything and it was not only her age that has since become open to dispute, it was a question of her beginnings and, indeed, her legitimacy.
The romance portrayed in the film as a full-blown love affair between Pelagia, played by Penelope Cruz, and Corelli (Nicholas Cage) was in fact a platonic one.
It is inevitable that some people will be disappointed in Cage's portrayal of Captain Antonia Corelli.
Latest Hills betting: 16 Droopys Leroy, Fire Height Dan, 20 Ningbo Jack, 25 Ballymac Niloc, Black Shaw, Droopys Corelli, Droopys Maldini, Mineola Farloe, Senahel Sutton, Tyrur Dar yl, 33 Droopys Marco, Rhincrew Seagal, Toms View, Watch The Runner, 40 Roxholme Silks, 50 bar.
Marie CorelliIn the early 1900s visitors to Stratford were often greeted by the sight of romantic novelist Marie Corelli gliding up and down the Avon in her imported Italian gondola.
The other leading names in the McKenna team include Irish Derby winner Like A Shot, the highly rated Yeah Man, National Puppy Stake winner Droopys Corelli and the `dark dog' Agassis Ace.
There has also been a whittling down of some of the key plot points, including a gay soldier's affection for Corelli which goes a long way towards explaining the dramatic sacrifice he makes later.
In Corelli the characters are also summed up musically.
based television writer Tommy Corelli (Dave Scotti) has been hurriedly summoned back to the family home in New York by older brother Carmine (Roger Cruz) to help in a family crisis.
Last week Mr Shrimpp and Droopys Corelli served up a thriller, the former winning by two lengths.
She falls for mandolin-playing Italian Captain Corelli (Cage).
Kyle Arnie ran with distinction in the recent Comerford Cakes National Puppy Stake at Shelbourne where he finished a very respectable fourth in the final behind Droopys Corelli.
As the story was recounted in Bookmark: Captain Corelli Strikes A Chord (BBC2), the struggling author, failed composer and former car mechanic Louis de Bernieres had been travelling on a regular package holiday when it dawned on him that there was a crac king novel to be put together based on the Greek island of Cephalonia (or, as de Bernieres would irritatingly pronounce it, Kefan-YA).
The connection goes deeper, because the dams of Rudys Lady, heroine of the Ted Hegarty Marathon, and Droopys Corelli, the National Puppy 525 victor, were also conceived at the Portlaw establishment, being offspring of the then resident sires Droopys Marson and Some Picture respectively, and last, but not least, is the fact that Droopys Corelli was bred by the brothers (pictured).
Captain Corelli Night, BBC Knowledge, from 8pm, tonight.