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Bernard Irving repeated his trick of amassing match-winning nets of gudgeon to win the latest CADCAC match on Crofton with 10lb 6oz, with Shaun Coreless runner-up with a mere 5oz less.
The winners from Wales are Jonathan Owen, Matthew Elms, Emma Privett and Erin Coreless from Ysgol Dyffryn Taf in Whitland.
Kimberly-Clark introduced a coreless bathroom tissue roll for the AFH market that can double the usage while only increasing the cost to the consumer by about 20%.
Each Watchwinder uses one or more mandrels containing a 22B spur gearhead incorporated within a Model 2230 coreless DC motor.
The deactivated virus might not prove harmless, or the body might not recognize the coreless, collapsed virus.
a Japanese engineering contractor, has ordered Pall SepraSol(TM) liquid/gas coalescer systems, Ultipleat[R] High Flow and Coreless Profile[R] filters, porous metal high flow elements with PMF[TM] media, and activated carbon units for the approximately $5 billion processing plant.
1 channels, to include DTS Digital Surround, DTS Coreless Lossless, DTS Express and DTS-HD Master Audio.
Compact Coreless Bath Tissue & Dispensers Compact coreless tissue helps reduce waste by eliminating roll cores, cardboard shipping boxes and individual product wrapping.
Currently, the facility has a capacity of 25,000 metric tons per year operating three green sand match plate molding lines with coreless induction melting.
The suture combines a proprietary coreless braid design with fibers of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), and the technology also is applicable to UHMWPE material co-braided with colored fibers to create greater visibility and contrast during surgical procedures.
Unlike other systems that utilize moving blades to cut away remaining material or rely on workers to cut away excess materials with utility knives, the Safe-Slab Core Recycler simply unwinds remaining materials onto a coreless shaft, separating a perfectly good core from the roll without risk to the workers or damage to the core.
Standard features include servo drives, touch screen controls, cantilevered edge guilded unwind, splice table, integral slitter, glueless or coreless start, tall label roll closure system, semi-automatic core leader, automatic roll eject with integral roll tray, and CTC spopular tricycle gear caster system.
EL srl of Italy have signed an exclusive agreement to jointly supply inline coreless stretch-film systems.
Topology wise, the motor is a 3 pole coreless design with a toroidal neodymium magnetic.