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The effects of climate change and eutrophication on Cisco Coregonus artedi abundance in Minnesota lakes.
Zoosporic fungigrowing on egg of Coregonus larvaretus holstus.
Critical partial pressures of oxygen causing precocious hatching in Coregonus lavaretus and C.
1) are represented: Coregonus, Thymallus and Salmo (Salmoniformes), Stokellia, Retropinna and Galaxias (Galaxioidea), Osmerus and Plecoglossus (Osmeroidea), Searsia, Xenodermichthys and Alepocephalus (Alepocephaloidea), Argentina and Bathylagus (Argentinoidea) and Umbra and Esox (Esociformes).
The gwyniad - otherwise known to scientists as Coregonus lavaretus - is a whitefish, a kind of landlocked herring.
Coregonus genus of plainly-colored salmonlike fishes (Web3)
THE gwyniad, part of the coregonus lavaretus family, has distant relatives in Scotland, England, eastern and northern Europe and Canada but 18,000 years of evolution have made it a unique species.
Many lakes also contain whitefish, such as Coregonus clupeaformis, C.
The Attihawmeg or White Fish, (Salmo Coregonus, Albus) is the most interesting to us.
Year-class fluctuation in vendance, Coregonus albula (Linnaeus): Who's got the upper hand in intraspecific competition?