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Ym 1950 ymosododd Gogledd Corea, gwlad gomiwnyddol, ar Dde Corea - eu cymdogion democrataidd.
Shorter, Corea, Holland, and DeJohnette, whose contributions to Miles' bands are legendary, are among the most prominent and acclaimed living jazz artists, still recording classic music and touring all over the world.
La experiencia de Grandpop en Corea con el Regimiento 65 de Infanteria permanece inenarrable, aunque se adivina en el aislamiento de su Alzheimer's senil.
Even if Corea is the biggest name in jazz circles, all three musicians are certified legends.
Using four mallets Burton, like Corea, has a wonderful ability to vary the tone of his playing and his solos were always engaging.
Corea, 18, will spend the next week at Murray Park with head of youth development George Adams.
Voith reports a problem-free deinking plant start-up in July at Paper Corea, previously Sepoong Corp.
If the Corea campaign comes as a surprise, it shouldn't.
Since he started his jazz taxi service a few years ago, he's driven jazz greats Chick Corea, Mulgrew Miller, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Randy Brecker, Ray Bryant and Curtis Fuller through the Tokyo streets at one time or another.
Aunque a China le sigue Canada como destino principal, Mexico y Corea del Sur compiten por el tercer lugar en la clasificacion de exportaciones.
So I checked up the reason they appeared to be unable to spell the name of their own country (on my komputer of course) and discovered that when the Japanese first invaded Corea they ordered the Coreans to change the spelling of their name to Korea so that Japan would come first in the alphabet.
Check out Chick Corea, Abdullah Ibrahim, McCoy Tyner, and Maceo Parker.
In the second section, Oller struck a truer note with a neat, witty quartet for two chatterboxes (Nicole Corea, Irene Hogarth) and their admirers (Yarden Ronen, Solomon Bafana Matea), who conducted their curvy, body-swiveling courtships over a genteel cup of tea.
Y, en cualquier caso, es mucho mas, afirma Pablo Burbridge, de Salomon, Smith, Barney, quien calcula que TV Azteca y Televisa consequiran cada una ingresos de unos US$50 millones a partir de los juegos de la Copa Mundial en Japon y Corea del Sur.
Boston Brass: Ya Gotta Try, with music by Clifford Brown, Duke Ellington, Hoagy Carmichael, Dizzy Gillespie, Chick Corea, and others.