magnetic core memory

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(computer science) a computer memory consisting of an array of magnetic cores

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To understand real profitability of products, analysis must be coordinated with primary activities of in-store merchandising, promotions as well as core store operations.
The support materials for CORE Store include basic spirits category shelving principles, as well as laminated schematics pages, The support materials are created based on statewide and regional category sales data, from companies and institutions such as IRI, DISCUS end Adams Beverage Group, along with Diageo's own in-house research, and the latest best practices in category management.
Depending on how much category management work has already been executed, retail operations can sometimes see business grow an estimated 1% to 5% by using a CORE Store type approach to optimize the shelf.
They included, one, more units sold in our core stores over the prior year, and, two, strong growth in our residual revenue from wireless," Barnes said.
Obviously, we ordered for a higher sell-through and we were not pleased with our core store sales performance in the first quarter of 2005," he added.
Costcutter last month said it aimed to expand its core store portfolio and forge more deals with independents.
This new multi-unit strategy features a "core" Edible Arrangements store serving as the main location within a defined area with several smaller "station" locations surrounding the core store in high-traffic areas.
Caption(s): Dave Johnson, RadioShack: "Obviously, we ordered for a higher sell-through and we were not pleased with our core store sales performance.
Over the next 18 months, RadioShack said it intends to achieve three major goals as part of its turnaround plan: increase the average unit volume of its core store base, rationalize its cost structure, and grow profitable square footage in its store portfolio.
Unbeknownst to plaintiffs, the representations in the annual statement were also false in that [the company] was not implementing `strategic initiatives associated with core store turnaround.
IPextreme is a registered trademark, and Core Store is a trademark, of IPextreme Inc.
Nonetheless, we met our guidance for core store revenue and operating income.
Shaffer, president and chief operating officer, said the company was on track with "the implementation of the strategic initiatives associated with the core store turnaround plan," which included several store openings during the quarter.
The company's "aggressive plan to improve core store profitability" -- targeted at its Heilig-Meyers store formats -- was outlined last week.