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(computer science) dump of the contents of the chief registers in the CPU

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Atlantis[TM] lab-based scanning and Atlantis[TM] Abutment core file are examples of services that leverage technology for an enhanced and more efficient workflow.
Watchdog, Bentley has protection against malicious attacks to email and databases, and can institute a proactive defense to disarming viruses in real time at their core file structure or fingerprint.
The Cisco Core File Engine is deployed at the data center and connects directly to one or more file servers or network attached storage (NAS) gateways.
We are continuing to develop our core file transfer products to meet the needs of our customers.
In addition, in the event of a system failure, Wind River Diagnostics enables developers to effectively execute forensic analysis on a core file and intelligently rewind key system attributes step-by-step prior to the failure.
The success of Factiva's joint Windows Server 2003 and Tacit Networks' solution deployment is typical of what we are increasingly seeing in other deployments worldwide," said David Golds, product unit manager, Core File Solutions, Microsoft.
The Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 product is an example of one of the many attractive options for small businesses, providing core file and print functionality, advanced email, calendaring, tasking functions, and mainstream database features in a compact, secure package for up to 75 users.
We are honored that Aspera was selected as the core file transfer technology for this innovative global media platform and we look forward to closely working with the Prime Focus team in India's rapidly burgeoning media market and across the globe as we move forward.
The platform is based on the most recent releases of Lustre, including the Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre software, that feature core file system enhancements for the integration of advanced data management capabilities such as those delivered by SGI DMF for Lustre.
In addition to running on IBM's System X server line, Scale's ICS technology uses IBM GPFS (General Parallel File System) as its core file system.
From these activities entail other necessary development as the core file services, as well as its modules.
Novell provides the core file, print, and networking services that are fundamental to any organization.
He pointed out that civil society focuses on core files, including the enforced disappearances ,the freedoms of opinion and expression and the formation of an international commission to investigate the events of the popular revolution since 2011.
The CIA for decades has blocked researcher Freedom of Information Act access to its core files on the NUMEC diversion.
Ensuring complete end-to-end automation with WordPress automatically installed and automated WordPress core updates so as to replace outdated core files or plugins without the user having to do a manual update.