hepatitis B

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an acute (sometimes fatal) form of viral hepatitis caused by a DNA virus that tends to persist in the blood serum and is transmitted by sexual contact or by transfusion or by ingestion of contaminated blood or other bodily fluids

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Transmission of hepatitis B by transplantation of livers from donors positive for antibody to hepatitis B core antigen.
Antibody testing for HIV-1 (IgG) and total hepatitis B core antibody (IgG and IgM) was performed according to the package inserts of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 HIV-1 EIA (Abbott 1989) and Hepatitis B Core Antigen (Recombinant) Corzyme (Abbott 1990).
Hepatitis C core antigen and its clinical applicability: potential advantages and disadvantages for diagnosis and follow-up?
Immulite 2000 anti-HBc IgM assay: IgM antibody to hepatitis B core antigen.
Alternatively, HCV core antigen testing has been utilized in some cases to monitor the efficacy of antiviral therapy.
Results from this preclinical study appear in the peer-reviewed journal, Cancer Gene Therapy, in an article entitled, "Synthetic DNA immunogen encoding hepatitis B core antigen drives immune response in liver.
Testing for HBsAg and hepatitis B core antigen antibody (HBc) were performed by using commercial ELISA kits (Abazyme, Needham, MA, USA, and Abnova, Taipei, Taiwan).
Hepatitis C virus protein fused to hepatitis B virus core antigen for serological diagnosis of both hepatitis C and hepatitis B infectious by ELISA.
The immunotherapy utilizes the company's proprietary spi-VEC delivery system to deliver the hepatitis B core antigen, in order to induce an immune response to the hepatitis B virus.
31, the FDA granted Pre-market Approval (PMA) to Roche for its IgM antibody to hepatitis B core antigen (Anti-HBc IgM) assay, for use on the cobas e 601 analyzer.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Premarket Approval (PMA) for its IgM antibody to hepatitis B core antigen (Anti-HBc IgM) assay for use on the cobas e 601 analyzer, the immunoassay module of the cobas 6000 analyzer series for mid-volume laboratories.
Further testing for HBeAg, anti-HBe, antibody to hepatitis B virus core antigen (anti-HBc), and immunoglobulin M to HBc would have been performed routinely to determine the need for HBIg and confirm carrier status.
For example, Copalis tests for acute or chronic hepatitis B could be configured by grouping the present HBsAg assay with an IgM antibody test to hepatitis B core antigen (anti-HBc IgM) or hepatitis B e antigen (HBsAg) and total antibody to hepatitis B core antigen (anti-HBc total) tests, respectively.
It has been shown that Hepatitis B surface (HBsAg) and core antigen (HBcAg) induces envelope-and core specific CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell responses and that the response against the Hepatitis B core antigen (HBcAg), is often associated with viral control.
The PMA submission is for use of the assay in the in-vitro qualitative determination of IgM antibodies to hepatitis B core antigen (anti-HBc IgM) in human serum or plasma.