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Bob Keiller, CEO of Wood Group, knows that merely speaking of an organization's core values is not even worth talking or writing about unless you put it into practice.
Take the time to figure out and write out your camp's top ten core values.
Safety is stated as a core value (meaning that it is one of several core values) with no particular ranking.
As an instructor, SSgt Brandy Cotton set an excellent example of the second core value, Service Before Self.
Upon considered reflection, it may be that those values statements that refer to "respect" as a core value do so as a genuflection to political correctness.
As a Core Value partner, Custom Golf Materials reflects those qualities in their quality work and materials.
Heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali, has joined Angelina Jolie, Francis Ford Coppola as the new face of Louis Vuitton's Core Values campaign.
The core value of inclusiveness has been demonstrated in the network that ONS has been able to develop nationally and internationally to not only share knowledge and expertice but to also listen and learn from others about oncology care in different and novel settings.
My Buddhist friend believes that life is an illusion and that all evil and pain arise out of the false sense of selfhood, and his core value is the extinction of his selfhood.
Thus, it is imperative that you help instill the core value of change or continuous improvement within your leadership team while being aware that there is no easy button to accomplish this.
For example, if "faculty involvement" is chosen as a core value, then it should also appear in internal operations.
Participate in the activities that strengthened the core value.
She says John Kerry's core value is equality, yet in the same breath she says that he supports civil unions and not marriage.
Other benefits include risk management/risk avoidance (days on strike at Chiquita plants decreased 75 percent from 2000 to 2002) and increased employee satisfaction (as measured in core value focus groups).
In the last edition of his book, Schwarz added a fourth core value that he named compassion.