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Those with bold shapes such as spiky cordylines or exotic leaves like fatsia work well.
To order by debit/credit card call 0844 448 2451 quoting SMP19575 or send a cheque made payable to MGN SMP19575 to Red Cordyline Offer (SMP19575), PO Box 64, South West District Office, Manchester, M16 9HY.
Palmwydden fresych ydi'r enw Cymraeg ar Cordyline australis a cabbage tree yn Saesneg, ond nid palmwydden mohoni er ei bod yn edrych yn debyg i balmwydden.
Place your architectural plants such as cannas, cordylines or phormiums in the middle of the pot and fill the gaps in front with smaller flowering plants to complement.
FIERY FLOWERS: Orange Dahlias, left, and crocosmias, below, can give your garden an exotic look TROPICAL FEEL: Plants such as cordyline, above right, can give a tropical feel to your patio
Here, brighter hues are kept inside the fence, nearer the house: Lime green aeonium rosettes, spiky plum cordyline, and kangaroo paw grow in large swaths around the patio, lending year-round color and texture.
Best of the Bunch Cordyline HAVING two of these Australian palm trees in my garden has made me focus my mind a little more on what other gardeners across Britain might have been suffering over the past two winters.
Q I have a large green cordyline plant in my garden.
Other good evergreen choices for winter pots include Cordyline australis 'Purpurea', Euonymus fortu-nei 'Emerald Gaiety' and a number of heucheras.
His banana tree is moved to the warmth of the family conservatory - and the cordyline palm is wrapped up warm in the garage.
On the other hand, it's impossible to make a single-stemmed Cordyline out of them again.
I got your help last year on a cordyline, which is now lovely.
CORDYLINE THESE spiky architectural gems are often used as the lowmaintenance focal point plants in patio pots or borders, their striking evergreen foliage providing a tropical feel to any display.
Among the plants taken were a Cordyline Red Star, Hydrangeas, Sambucus Sutherland Gold and Agapanthus Miniature.
Dramatic black glazed pots, with stand-alone specimens such as a cordyline or date palm, can look stunning in a contemporary setting, while troughs and pots made of metal can also look good in minimalist gardens.