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So, if your cordyline, commonly known as the Torquay or cabbage palm, originally from New Zealand, has collapsed this year, cut the main trunk(s) back to 1 metre (3') or to a cluster of young side shoots and let nature take its course - recovery will be random but patience may reward you.
Place your architectural plants such as cannas, cordylines or phormiums in the middle of the pot and fill the gaps in front with smaller flowering plants to complement.
Mrs Gladys Blakey AHI, Mrs Blakey, Delighted to hear your cordyline is better
Here, brighter hues are kept inside the fence, nearer the house: Lime green aeonium rosettes, spiky plum cordyline, and kangaroo paw grow in large swaths around the patio, lending year-round color and texture.
Among the plants taken were a Cordyline Red Star, Hydrangeas, Sambucus Sutherland Gold and Agapanthus Miniature.
But I must say that in recent weeks we have had one or two ornithological delights in the garden, including a pair of goldfinches nesting in an old Cordyline australis flower head and a pair of blackbirds nesting under my office window.
Q I have a large green cordyline plant in my garden.
The cabbage palm, Cordyline australis, is used as an accent subject in seasonal bedding schemes and containers, says McIndoe, deputy managing director of Hillier Garden Centres and co-author of the latest in the Hillier book series, Planting With Trees.
His banana tree is moved to the warmth of the family conservatory - and the cordyline palm is wrapped up warm in the garage.
EYECATCHING Bold and beautiful crocosmia, far left, and left, a stunning cordyline
I bought the palm tree as a cordyline but planted it out of its pot and it has gone berserk.
QI have a 7ft tall cordyline which has recently turned brown and the centre came away in my hand.
The two most popular dot plants are Cordyline australis (cabbage palm) which is available in green, red and is ideal for a sunny display.
Dear Diarmuid, I lost my cordyline in last winter's snow.
In cooler climes, sub Cordyline 'Festival Grass', Canna 'Tropicanna' or 'Tropicanna Black', or some Solenostemon.