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cotton trousers made of corduroy cloth

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Present study was based on three aspects; first to find out various morphological parameters of umbilical cord in dead foetuses, second to find out the relation between these parameters and number of umbilical arteries and third the umbilical cord anomalies.
VERICOM CAT5E data patch cords are used in many types of data and computer equipment to offer outstanding connectivity and data transfer.
Move all cribs, beds, furniture, and toys away from windows and window cords, preferably to another wall.
It is generally recognized that a tire cord calender is in reality a complex system, or perhaps more accurately, a "super system"--comprised of several complex subsystems.
A perennial favourite of Gap,new additions include the low rise boot-cut cords, which is available in stone, tan,blue, light blue,navy,brown and black at pounds 39.
Recent testing on Category 5e- and Category 6-rated patch cords, however, obtained through open market channels, shows that 70% of Category 5e cords and 83% of Category 6 cords fail to meet the TIA published requirements.
Vocal cords are particularly challenging because any implant would need to be especially sturdy.
Such a scenario is probably the only hope someone with severely damaged vocal cords can cling to.
The bottom rail runs through the ladder cords, and the pull cords are knotted below the rail on each end.
Here's what we do have in common with Mariah: Whenever we sing--or speak--the sound comes from our vocal cords, leathery folds of tissue inside the voice box, or larynx, in the throat.
Nonetheless, given the lack of chimeric contribution and because the results are consistent with the current clinical evolution of two cord transplants, we made the decision not to advance CB001 to a Phase II trial," stated Marc D.
RESULTS: There were 100 cases each in control group and study group comprising of 20 cases of short cord and 80 cases of long cords (Table I).
Indoor extension cords come in two-wire and three-wire cords in lengths from 6' to 15' with 6' and 9' being the most popular lengths.
An automatic steel cord sensor system is said to offer high-precision detection of the steel cords within the rubber substrate.