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Spanish explorer who discovered Yucatan (1475-1526)

a city in southern Spain

a city in central Argentina

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The five awarded projects are Wadi Hanifa Wetlands in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, revitalisation of the Hypercentre of Tunis, Tunisia, Madinat Al Zahra Museum in Cordoba, Spain, Ipekyol Textile Factory at Edirne, Turkey, and Bridge School at Xiashi, Fujian, China.
Researchers, headed by Francisco Perez-Jimenez with the University of Cordoba, Spain, fed 20 volunteers-who had metabolic syndrome-with two virgin olive oil-based breakfasts one at a time, after a six-week "washout" period.
At a news conference held Wednesday in Tunis, Foreign Minister Kamel Morjane said this 5+5 Dialogue Foreign Ministers' Meeting, held after that of Cordoba, Spain, (April 20-21, 2009), is taking place at a time when efforts are expended to get out of the world economic crisis and in a context characterised by great challenges such as climate change, food insecurity, migration flows, employment and energy issues and a deteriorating situation in the Middle East.
The Communication and progress report will be discussed at the second European Roma Summit, held in Cordoba, Spain on April8-9, organized with the Spanish EU Presidency.
EU foreign ministers met informally in Cordoba, Spain at the weekend to discuss what role the bloc could play in U.
We have already seen that the reform package that Greece came up with on its own has clearly brought new faith in the country from financial markets," said German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, speaking in Cordoba, Spain, at an informal EU foreign ministers' meeting.
Maimonides was born in Cordoba, Spain, in 1135 and fled from persecution to Egypt where he died in 1204.
Firnas was credited for the first piloted flight in human history as he tied himself to a feathered glider in Cordoba, Spain.
Next to it was Coventry Market, also uniquely designed, with a circular shape and roof car-park, to welcome all the people into a vast communal meeting place from several entrances, just as the world-renowned mosque of Cordoba, Spain, was designed centuries earlier.
AaAaAa Ferrero-Waldner, who said the advanced status aims also to foster political cooperation, recalled that during the 5+5 meeting in Cordoba, Spain, she discussed with Moroccan officials the different steps to follow on the path of integration and bringing the two partners closer.
Mecanoo was also responsible for the Delft Municipal Offices and Train Station and the Palace of Justice in Cordoba, Spain.
CORDOBA, Spain -- The Islamic Board of Spain has appealed to Pope Benedict XVI to allow Muslims to pray in the Cordoba cathedral.
Seminario Evangelico Espanol, La Carlota, Cordoba, Spain