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Words related to ironing

garments (clothes or linens) that are to be (or have been) ironed

the work of using heat to smooth washed clothes in order to remove any wrinkles

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Taffarello said the company is in the process of evaluating yet another new version of the cordless iron for 2008.
launched its first small appliance with the Maytag-branded cordless iron, the parent is leading another of its brands down a similar path, placing the Jenn-Air name on the kitchen countertop for the first time.
From Maytag came the cordless iron, intended as an extension of the company's long-standing laundry business.
Still with no repairs to work on, Maytag has put its famed repairmen to work demonstrating the company's new cordless iron.
Cordless irons are being introduced at more moderate price points.