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United States diplomat who did the groundwork for creating the United Nations (1871-1955)


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Caption: The conference's real leader and the mind behind its resulting UN Charter was the unassuming Leo Pasvolsky, Russian-born economist and advisor to Secretary Cordell Hull.
El Presidente no se preocupo en exceso y cedio toda la gestion del conflicto a Cordell Hull.
Cordell Hull was the longest serving US Secretary of Suite, holding the position for 11 years from 1933 to 1944.
Iguchi effectively counters the frequent claim that the negotiations between Ambassador Kichisaburo Nomura [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (1877-1964) and Secretary of State Cordell Hull (1871-1955) were not serious.
It is also worth recalling that US Secretary of State Cordell Hull was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1945 for policies that included his tireless efforts on behalf of multilateral free trade.
Their trip began in early August at Lake Barkley, ended at Cordell Hull Lake and returned to the Tennessee River in late September.
Moreover, the Japanese notes delivered to then-secretary of state Cordell Hull shortly after the attack were not declaration-of-war ultimatums as required by international law but watereddown notices about the termination of bilateral negotiations.
As US Secretary of State Cordell Hull was to write later, the Americans did try to provide rice stocks for India in 1943 but "the British representatives in the Combined Food Board in Washington insisted that the responsibility for Indian food requirements be left to Britain, and we perforce had to agree.
US Secretary of State Cordell Hull, Dwyer notes, referred to Cardenas's much ballyhooed oil expropriation as merely "one incident in a long series of incidents of this character [that] accordingly raises no new question.
He also appealed to United States Secretary of State Cordell Hull Herbert Hoover and a score of U.
On the other hand, the Americans, led by Cordell Hull, the Secretary of State from 1933 to 1944 and a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Peace--he believed, not without substance, that free trade would also lead to peace, not just prosperity--vigorously opposed it and favored non-discrimination in the trading arrangements being contemplated after the conclusion of the War.
En tiempos mas recientes, Franklin Roosevelt se valio de Cordell Hull, de Dean Achenson y de George C.
Durante os anos 1914 a 1918, 1939 a 1945, correspondentes as duas Guerras Mundiais, os nobeis da Paz foram entregues, em 1917 e em 1944, ao Comite Internacional da Cruz Vermelha, e em 1945, a Cordell Hull, ex-Secretario de Estado dos Estados Unidos que se destacou na criacao da Organizacao das Nacoes Unidas.
As Nobel Peace Prize winner Cordell Hull said: "If goods cannot cross borders, armies will.
Address for correspondence: Timothy Jones, Tennessee Department of Health, Communicable and Environmental Disease Services, Cordell Hull Bldg, 425 5th Ave N, 1st Floor, Nashville, TN 37243, USA; email: tim.