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French revolutionary heroine (a Girondist) who assassinated Marat (1768-1793)

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In an exclusive basis, Shanghai Corday will assume responsibility for Peterson's Lab's brand promotion and branded prestige skin care products for consumers in China, Japan and South Korea.
Forty or fifty years ago, scenes went on for four or five minutes as the organ music was swelling," says Steve Kent, senior VP of programming at Sony Pictures Television, which produces the show with Corday Prods.
As we were affected by the former I studied the French Revolution under an excellent history teacher so I never forgot that Charlotte Corday killed Jean-Paul Marat in 1793 in his bath.
Several songs from the album can be heard in the movie Elena Undone, for which Corday served as music supervisor.
Fury and Sunset Watersports offered women-only excursions complete with live performances by Corday and Sister Funk while Erin Foley, Sandra Valls and Chantal Carerre put on a great show full of laughs at the Curiously Strong Comedy show, Start planning your trip now for September 3-8, 2013 and don't wait too long to get your tickets to the main events as this year's events sold out thanks to the record number of women in attendance.
Corday is the president's nominee to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was created by the 2010 Wall Street reform bill drafted by U.
1793: French revolutionary leader Jean Paul Marat was stabbed to death by Charlotte Corday while in his bath.
The Days of Our Lives: The True Story of One Family's Dream and the Untold History of Days of Our Lives" is a memoir from Ken Corday, who along with his family has been the principle people behind one of the longest running series in television history.
The Younesi brothers are Los Angeles natives in their early twenties who attended the University of Southern California, where their work was awarded the Barbara Corday Scholarship, the Louis J.
This light-hearted drama is a long way from Chicago's Cook County Hospital, but Kingston doesn't miss her role of Dr Elizabeth Corday in ER.
Our own Charlotte, Charlotte Corday, she stab a man to 'is death while'e sits in 'is bath.
Fonarow, Eliot Corday Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Science at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, said that while the risk of cardiovascular events increases substantially with LDL levels above 40 mg/dL, current national cholesterol guidelines consider LDL levels less than 100 mg/dL acceptable for many individuals.
I think I might cope without the Windsors but it won't be the same without Corday, Kovac and Co, rushing into the trauma room to save - and sometimes lose - yet another life.
9 In which series could you see a surgeon called Corday performing operations?
ALEX Kingston hung up her stethoscope as ER's Dr Elizabeth Corday back in 2004 - and now she's back in a UK drama for the first time