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French revolutionary heroine (a Girondist) who assassinated Marat (1768-1793)

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Corday stated, "I am very excited to join the seasoned beverage veterans of Pulse, a leader in the natural beverage category.
As we were affected by the former I studied the French Revolution under an excellent history teacher so I never forgot that Charlotte Corday killed Jean-Paul Marat in 1793 in his bath.
Several songs from the album can be heard in the movie Elena Undone, for which Corday served as music supervisor.
Corday is the president's nominee to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was created by the 2010 Wall Street reform bill drafted by U.
1793: French revolutionary leader Jean Paul Marat was stabbed to death by Charlotte Corday while in his bath.
Despite the decline of soap operas, NBC's "Days of our Lives" is set to renewing its writing team, cast editions, and a new producing team under executive producer Ken Corday.
The Days of Our Lives: The True Story of One Family's Dream and the Untold History of Days of Our Lives" is a memoir from Ken Corday, who along with his family has been the principle people behind one of the longest running series in television history.
This light-hearted drama is a long way from Chicago's Cook County Hospital, but Kingston doesn't miss her role of Dr Elizabeth Corday in ER.
Our own Charlotte, Charlotte Corday, she stab a man to 'is death while'e sits in 'is bath.
I think I might cope without the Windsors but it won't be the same without Corday, Kovac and Co, rushing into the trauma room to save - and sometimes lose - yet another life.
9 In which series could you see a surgeon called Corday performing operations?
ALEX Kingston hung up her stethoscope as ER's Dr Elizabeth Corday back in 2004 - and now she's back in a UK drama for the first time
Scholars know very little about dramas depicting Charlotte Corday and Marat since in the 1790s they were performed outside of London or in unlicensed playhouses.
Oh, and the next series better have more of the divine Dr Corday (Alex Kingston), the doc who once said she'd worked in the Bogside - in Belfast - or the writers will have need of their characters' expertise.
On a sprawling multiuse soundstage containing various generic-looking sets (sunroom, basketball court, proscenium stage), a group of performers enact the various possibilities of Sullivan's system: twenty-five permutations derived from applying each of the five styles to the five different tasks (Annie and Helen in Birdie Jo Hoaks style, Charlotte Corday in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?