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United States heavyweight boxing champion (1866-1933)

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Molly Martens' lawyer David Freedman spoke out as it was revealed her husband, tragic Jason Corbett, will be laid to rest on Wednesday.
THE children of tragic Jason Corbett returned home to emotional scenes at Shannon Airport yesterday.
While there are 282 Munros - mountains with a summit of at least 3000ft - and 221 Corbetts - summits between 2500ft and 3000ft - there are just 130 Archies (which, for those still stuck on imperial measures, must come in at just under 3281ft to qualify).
The Corbetts made it possible to see the building modernized, without which it would not have survived," Santangelo said.
Peter Corbett started iStrategyLabs six years ago in his Logan Circle apartment.
NNA - As will also happen to two of his older brothers, 12-year-old Louis Corbett will one day be blind.
9) One can as easily invoke the history of the Royal Navy, which the Japanese knew well, and the theories of Sir Julian Corbett, as any attachment to esoteric Asian military theory to understand why the Japanese might disperse their forces to coax an inferior enemy to battle.
The class sketch with John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett offers an apt metaphor for the price of votes in different constituencies
The family-owned business Thompons acquired the trade and assets from skip hire companies Barney Rubble and Corbetts Skip Hire at the end of its 2010 financial year, but it decided to discontinue its loss-making skip hire business in 2011.
The memories and conversations that go on in there are wonderful to read, some of the old names that people recall, Shannons, Griffiths', Brennans, Sheppards, Saunders, Johnsons, Davies, Delaneys, Kanes, Morans, O'Maras, Tarplees, Bowketts, O'Meras, Fields, Jones, Dixons, Days, Eustaces, Tanners, Artts, Corbetts, Logans, Stevens, Mitchells, Russells, and of course the Karims.
QPR may be seen as lambs to the slaughter at Old Trafford on Easter Sunday lunchtime where they are a massive 14/1 via Corbetts to beat Manchester United, the bookies' 1/6 favourites.
It was like watching a basketball team play 11 Ronnie Corbetts, and there were a few knowing smiles when six-foot striker Abby Wambach restored the lead for the Stars and Stripes.
After the final show the Corbetts had a curry with Barker and his wife Joy.
On December 10 he was arrested when he went to Corbetts the bookmakers in Ruthin.
Premier Inn in Corbetts Lane, Caerphilly, has handed over duvets it no longer needs to the charity Dogs Trust at its Bridgend rehoming centre.