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a court dance of the 16th century

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Ward also makes clear that masque choreography cannot be supposed to have depended simply on conventional types of social dancing: "Each dance was a measure as the English understood the term; not a galliard, coranto, or other dance type that could be performed to any music in the appropriate rhythm and style, but a unique combination of steps and notes" (113).
In fact, nothing in this book obliges us to believe that "the coranto enacted an aggressive consumption of space, an appetite for expansion" (114); no evidence exists to link this dance to "the great voyages" (113) of the period; all that has been done is to liken this fast, skipping, or running dance to the rapid outward movement of Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (one fast thing is like another fast thing--which is to say, we are simply playing about with metaphors).
The variety of tempos in both these sources is provided by the Pavin, Almain, Galliard and Coranto.
Equally, no one would have let her miss the obvious point, presumably of vital interest to a study of "the politics of courtly dancing" that a fast court dance and the leading edge of printed news culture in the 1620s shared a name, coranto.
98) Similarly, the dance, La corrente, from Negri,(99) and the pantomimic coranto as described by Arbeau,(100) are not performed in the same manner as the courante by de Lauze.