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Synonyms for coral

a variable color averaging a deep pink

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the hard stony skeleton of a Mediterranean coral that has a delicate red or pink color and is used for jewelry

unfertilized lobster roe

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marine colonial polyp characterized by a calcareous skeleton

of a strong pink to yellowish-pink color

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In the experiment conducted by Mitchell and Chet (1975), the bacterial population associated with the coral heads increased at the same rate as the production of mucus by the coral.
But fragile reefs are suffering damage from many sources including the anchors of dive and snorkel boats at popular sites (such as Molokini Crater, off Maui)--as well as from divers and snorkelers who unwittingly step on coral heads, or break them off as souvenirs.
On Wake, an additional task was the blasting of coral heads in the lagoon so the Clippers could land safely and taxi to the landing and boarding platforms.
Soft corals, sponges and sea fans may sprout from the bottom, but there are few rock piles, ledges, coral heads or anything else that sticks up very high off the sea floor.
One of several projects the government has undertaken with the help of nonprofit groups, the signs steer snorkelers away from fragile coral heads, and onto a trail which guides them through an underwater paradise.
They are made up of small coral heads, sea fans and other bottom structure, like ledges and holes.
One example is the mooring buoy program, designed to keep anchors from being thrown on coral heads.
Here's a grippy, waterproof dive light well-shaped for the hand to help you scout for lobster or light your vision of the dark spaces beneath those coral heads.
According to the World Wildlife Fund, cyanide divers squirt an estimated 150 tons of dissolved poison on some 33 million coral heads annually, killing coral polyps, symbiotic algae and other small reef organisms along with the coral fish.
In this area there are literally thousands of patch reefs and individual coral heads that hold lobster, mutton snapper and various groupers.
Coral heads in 40 to 90 feet of water, anywhere in the islands, can produce banner catches of yellowtail snapper.
When it realized that this was more than a crab's pincer, it beelined across the flat and into a nearby minefield of coral heads.
Another great tool when you get into larger coral heads or deep undercut ledges is the Intova LED hands-free dive light.
You will see that there are 100 to 300 yards of sand bottom that start on the beach, which abruptly runs into a hard-bottom area with rock mounds and coral heads.