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americana), a cousin of coral bells that doesn't at all flash around its flowers, which are ho-hum and greenish.
Great ground & traps Great cover HEUCHERA KNOWN as coral bells, heucheras begin blooming in early June and don't stop until the end of August.
Finish with a sprinkling of perennials and shrubs among the pavers--such as the plum coral bells and mounding green Hebe pinguifolia 'Sutherlandii' that are pictured--and an ornamental grass such as the Stipa gigantea.
According to the Theodore Payne Foundation in Sun Valley, perennials to plant under oaks would include yarrow (Achillea millefolium) with pink, yellow or white flowers; creeping mahonia (Berberis aquifolium repens) with holly-like leaves; coral bells (Heuchera) with foliage in green, red or purple; monkey flower (Mimulus) with orange blooms; meadow rue (Thalictrum) with fern-like foliage; hummingbird sage (Salvia spathacea); both edible and ornamental currant species (Ribes); and iris.
Coral Bells, Cardinal flower, Weigelia, Butterfly Bush, Coral Honeysuckle, Trumpet Creeper, Swamp Azalea, Beebalm, Salvia, and Columbine are all good choices for Mississippi's climate and are easily incorporated into a garden.
5-mile loop winds through 96 acres of golden lupine, coral bells, and fragrant mock orange.
Although they are not in bloom, the vigorous clumps of coral bells (Heuchera) in the Valleyheart garden also are worthy of special mention.
Hechera - Also known as coral bells, Hechera displays lush caramel, gold and rust tones.
Heuchera, or coral bells, is a low-growing perennial bedding plant that becomes increasingly popular each year.
Rich plant combinations, such as Western redbud with blue ceanothus and coral bells or Coast silk-tassel with spice bush and Western azalea.
Those that benefit from frequent division such as iris clumps with open centers, overgrown clumps of hostas, coral bells, phlox, daylilies and ornamental grasses need your time and attention now.
Zones 7-9, 14-17: Plant spring-blooming perennials like alstroemeria, bergenia, bleeding heart, brunnera, campanula, candytuft, catmint, columbine, coral bells, delphinium, dianthus, diascia, foxglove, Linaria purpurea, marguerite, and violet.
The best choices include abutilon, agastache, alstroemeria, bee balm, cestrum, cleome, coral bells, fuchsia, honeysuckle, lion's tail, penstemon, red-flowered perennial lobelia, salvia, and zauschneria.
Alexander also recommended columbines and coral bells for planting near trees because they thrive in dappled shade and require light watering, making them ideal companions for trees.
Here, the yellow and burgundy foliage of coral bells, heuchera, and New Zealand flax grow as accents among the pink, purple, and blue flowers of ornamental oregano, penstemon, scabiosa, and true geraniums.