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an island consisting of a circular coral reef surrounding a lagoon

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Little Cayman, a coral atoll 40 minutes away by plane, is just a mile wide and 10 miles long.
I hope to be extremely quiet and hopefully a long way away, taking the sun on a coral atoll.
43: What is the name of the Pacific island which is the world's largest coral atoll, at well over 200 square miles?
The coral atoll in the Seychelles favoured by the VIP couple is just 6km long by 1km wide, and has shady palm trees and powder-soft beaches.
Kwajalein Atoll, the largest coral atoll in the world, is part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands in the western Pacific Ocean.
The island is the largest coral atoll in the world and was used by British and US forces as a base from which to observe nuclear bomb testing in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
Niue, a coral atoll 2,400 km northeast of New Zealand with a population of 1,700, is a self-governing territory that has a free association with New Zealand.
A coral atoll is a group of reef islands that have grown along the donut-shaped rim of a submerged volcano.
On coral atoll islands, groundwater may be present in thin, lens-shaped bodies, which are easily degraded or salinated by excessive abstraction of freshwater, saltwater intrusion, overtopping of waves, and during droughts (2,4,5).
The land reclamation move to expand a disputed coral atoll close to the southern Philippines is recent in a series of disputes between China and its neighbors in the South China Sea.
Aldabra, the world's largest raised coral atoll, is surrounded by a pristine marine environment, uninhabited and known for its distinctive fauna including the Aldabra Giant Tortoise.
Washington, Mar 27( ANI ): The United States and Australia are planning to augment military ties, including possible drone attacks from a coral atoll in the Indian Ocean and increased U.
The fiberglass booth hunkers down on the seabed of Hideaway Island, a coral atoll (donut-shaped reef island enclosing a lagoon).
After the 23 nuclear explosions that the United States conducted on this remote coral atoll in the 1940s and '50s, one almost expects to visit today and find just a few charred islets surrounded by brackish water emitting an eerie glow.