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(Greek mythology) daughter of Zeus and Demeter

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Chef Cat Cora will name the ship in Barcelona at a lavish, invitation-only christening ceremony on May 11, which will culminate with a 15-liter Nebuchadnezzar of champagne, custom-made by Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, commemoratively breaking against the hull of the 1,250-guest ship.
Cora stayed on the Therapy for two years but even after her presumed "recovery" she remained a vegetarian and did her daily coffee enemas.
I'm going a little crazy from all the Crazy Eights we play," Cora said.
More relatives of Cora Earl JOHN Dickenson writes regarding the story in issue 82, page 28 about Bob Jamison and his mother recognising Cora Earl.
Cora said last night: 'I am absolutely over the moon.
So while the rest of the flock is off grazing, Cora keeps her distance in her own paddock and happily goes out for walks with 16- year-old owner Emily Wakefield and her dog Holly, a rough cross Border collie.
Tavarez didn't exactly overwhelm former Cy Young Award winner Roy Halladay, but he pitched well enough to keep it close enough that Cora and Manny Ramirez could slug the Sox to a comeback victory.
Hugh Grant is '80s has-been Alex Fletcher, who is trying to write a song for Haley Bennett's pop diva, Cora Corman, in the romantic comedy "Music and Lyrics.
CORA Taylor was one half of Cardiff's most romantic couple.
Well done Cora and thanks for being there for us over the years.
We have tried to keep our house in good condition by checking on things such as the roof and the electrical system," says Cora.
Bad boy Brendan Ruane and schoolgirl Cora Collins finally throw caution to the wind and show everyone they are in love in the hit RTE drama.
The citation described Cora, who has been associated with NCEW for over 40 years, as "our den mother, our institutional memory, and the heart and soul of NCEW.