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any of several quinones found in living cells and that function as coenzymes that transfer electrons from one molecule to another in cell respiration

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This study served to raise awareness among ACO practitioners about using a COQ approach, and the potential benefits.
After a 10-day "washout" period during which any existing antihypertensive therapy was discontinued, patients were randomized to receive twice daily dosing of 60 mg of emulsified CoQ (Hydrosoluble Q-Gel, Tishcon, New York, NY) containing 150 IU of vitamin E or a similar-appearing placebo containing vitamin E alone.
Staff at Trailfinders travel agent on the same street as Coq D'Argent also described the scene.
PHOEBE LEGERE's new Ooh La La Coq Tail CD, available at iTunes, pays tribute to her French-Canadian ancestry; Ooh La La Coq Tail is a sublime 16 - song collection that captures the alluring spirit of muzette and gypsy jazz with songs sung in French and English.
Word is that the Le Coq sportif designers have gone back to basics, and that this season's old-school design was a one-off.
Poom feels the tiny Le Coq Arena will provide a unique atmosphere on Wednesday night.
From coq au vin to foie gr cooking and eating of fowl are a huge part of their life - and exports.
Coq au vin leftovers are even tastier as it is a dish that matures while left in the fridge.
103 - Colton Holmes, Coq, d Derek Findlay, Dou, 3-1.
We actually ordered what the Melting Pot calls ``The Big Night Out'' for two ($86), taking the meaty option at $10 less rather than the seafood and picking the court bouillon mixture over the bourguignon, mojo and coq au vin offerings as our cooking liquid.
The challenge for Liz Le Coq Currier and her husband, Joe Currier, was to design their new home in Crested Butte, Colorado, around two 120-year-old wooden industrial sheds.
Gerard Le Coq is Toyota's "lollipop man" - the man who holds the sign that tells the driver when to stop and when to shoot off again.
The three-mile contest has attracted 70 initial entries, including last year's winner Coq Hardi Diamond and runner-up Satcoslam.
Susanne Linke's Le Coq est Mort grew out of workshops that the veteran German dance artist had conducted in Senegal.