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Synonyms for copyright

a document granting exclusive right to publish and sell literary or musical or artistic work

secure a copyright on a written work

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resolve disputes over potentially copyrightable works.
Some statutes refer to copyrightable works as "original works" or "creations of the mind," thereby implying the condition of originality.
by faculty-developed copyrightable works such as software and digital
The education sector itself is a source of copyrightable works and other subject matter.
photos substantially less protection than it gives copyrightable works.
And finally, such user-generated comments by their very nature can not be constituted as copyrightable works, hence, it is not appropriate to talk of copyright violations with regards to such items.
To help make it clear that works created by employees are within the scope of employment, the parties should have a written agreement under which there is a clear delineation of the employee's duties as to the creation or contribution to the creation of copyrightable works such as software and websites.
Although it may not be immediately apparent how this type of right can apply to a functional food, in fact the research project that develops the innovation may involve the creation of several forms of copyrightable works.
in two copyrightable works, were actually copyrighted for the period
Seek written copyright assignments or licenses from nonemployees responsible for creating copyrightable works that the association will publish or sell.
In a world where reducing words, sounds, and pictures to zeros and ones results in originals of the highest-quality, where perfect copies, and perfect copies of those copies, is the norm, digital presents a dilemma for creators and owners of copyrightable works.
If Bleistein were erased from the books, I would not have had to witness on C-SPAN during a channel-surfing mishap the House suspend the rules and enact by unanimous consent (all two present saying "aye"), the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act,(11) which added twenty extra years of protection for all copyrightable works, mainly because Disney lobbied like crazy to keep their images from falling into the public domain.