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Synonyms for copyright

a document granting exclusive right to publish and sell literary or musical or artistic work

secure a copyright on a written work

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Additionally, it is possible to insert copyright symbol, data stamp and EXIF information, which let users have more options to protect their digital photos.
Even the highly-recognisable `c in a circle' copyright symbol ([umlaut]) has no legal effect in the UK, although for various reasons it is usually a good idea to insert it where copyright is asserted.
A more thorough editing job would clear up problems such as the author's continuous substitution of the copyright symbol [c] for what is intended to be references to subsections (c) in various portions of the Internal Revenue Code; poor indexing is also a problem.
For example, if you need to change copyright years, you will find that in your HTML documents the copyright symbol can be coded in a number of different ways, including the plain ascii representation (c), the typographical equivalent of this symbol, or the HTML expression "©".
Click on the copyright symbol at the bottom of our homepage.
Under prior copyright law, authors were required to include a copyright symbol on their work in order to protect their work.
COPYRIGHT is an automatic right, but it is advisable to indicate it with the copyright symbol.
Also, the editors include generic and brand names, followed by copyright symbol, for all medications.
Stamped on the bottom is the copyright symbol and the name ``Kreiss.
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