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Synonyms for copyright

a document granting exclusive right to publish and sell literary or musical or artistic work

secure a copyright on a written work

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Re:Create Coalition will work to ensure copyright laws are clear, simple, and transparent, while also fostering creativity, innovation and economic growth
Changes to bring UK copyright law up to date for the digital age have taken an important step forward today (27 March 2014), as the government publishes the final Exceptions to Copyright regulations for consideration by Parliament.
According to the Australian copyright law section 132A part 2, "distributing" an article may affect the owner of the copyright.
The third updated edition of Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators: Creative Strategies & Practical Solutions packs in the latest legal details on copyright laws, considering their applications in the library environment and incorporating different lending library scenarios to clarify the law's applications.
The copyright law prevents the infringement of the intellectual contents of these literary works by users in higher institutions of learning; the importance of the knowledge of copyright by undergraduates cannot be overemphasised.
Mr Cable said the move will bring copyright law into line with the "real world", and with consumers' "reasonable expectations".
The copyright law was passed on 23 August and came into force on 8 September this year.
He said: "Consumers should not be picking up the tab for the enforcement of copyright laws that will benefit the music industry to the tune of millions.
With over 300 pages, including an extensive appendix and a detailed table of cases, An Associate's Guide to the Practice of Copyright Law provides associates with real-world perspective on copyright law and practice.
Jill Johnstone, international director of Consumer Focus said: 'The credibility of UK copyright law has fallen through the floor.
Google's unilateral conduct is a brazen attempt to turn Copyright law on its head, by usurping the exclusive rights of the Copyright holder," said Siddharth Arya, legal counsel, IRRO.
The Teacher's Guide to Music, Media, and Copyright Law, by James Frankel.
Chairing a debate exploring the role of copyright law in a digital knowledge economy, Dame Lynne said: "Copyright is at the heart of our knowledge economy.
Copyright law is a thin line to toe in the world where money is tight--such as public schools.
A "fair use" exception to copyright law was needed to allow copying activities that cause no economic harm to rights holders, the group said.
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