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someone employed to make written copies of documents and manuscripts

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These manuscript sources document the work of copyists closely associated with Bach, including J.
Santiago Codex, [consisting] of sacred polyphonic music written out by various copyists and compiled in 1616 by Diego Sanchez, maestro de capilla, which includes works by Anchieta, Navarro, Morales, etc.
The music copyists use a music notation computer program called Finale to edit instrument and vocal scores.
As the very thorough color illustrations show, the copyists felt free to make their interpretations of Colt revolvers in a variety of sizes and configurations, but always were careful to work the Colt name in somewhere.
And, as always, fans of the event can look forward to a packed programme of great acts, ranging from rock, pop and roots to classical, some of the highlights of which will include psycho-ceilidh rockers Neck, Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash, the Jon Amor Blues Group, New Amen Corner, indie hot-shots The Words from Manchester and top tribute acts The Secret Police and AC/DC copyists Hell's Bells.
From the beginning, the Gallery was intended to be open to "artists and copyists," as well as the public at large.
Whether the brevity of existence is such that one shouldn't waste it watching sub-Julian Clary copyists like Carr though is a moot point.
Yakubovich agrees that the disputed form is a copyist's error but he proposes two separate copyists, the first who made the error and a second who, perplexed by the resulting sense, deliberately changed "Luviya" to "Arzawa"--on Yakubovich's view a different country and understood as such by the second copyist--to avoid the apparent incongruity of having a person abducted from Luviya being taken off to Luviya (pp.
Perhaps most importantly, a defence of innocent infringement is not presently available to copyists under EC design law.
OPENING with the thunderous Peter Hook-style bassline of On The Motorway, you could be forgiven for expecting Metronomy to be yet another bunch of New Order copyists.
Their jagged guitars and spikey lyrics set the blueprint for Artic Monkeys - and a million lesser copyists.
Despite getting lumped in with all the other post-punk bands emerging at the time and being pegged as Joy Division copyists, you could nevermistake Editors' sound for anyone else.
Granting insight on the stories of these unsung copyists, "The Scribes for Women's Convents in Late Medieval Germany" is a top pick for any medieval history or women's studies collections.
Recent high-profile wins for Western companies in China have increased confidence that Chinese copyists can be pursued through the Chinese courts.
types of fast-fashion firms, designers and copyists, and their disparate