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putting something into a form suitable for a printer

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The purposes of the contracts are services linked to proofreading and copy-editing of publications (all supports) for the INTERREG Programmes IVA 2 Seas, IVB NWE et INTERREG IVC.
Sponsorship of these workshops and our Minority Copy-editing Program are just two examples of The Times's long-standing commitment to the development of young minority journalists," said William Schmidt, associate managing editor at The New York Times.
Ensure the provision of correction, copy-editing and quality services in all official languages of the European Union.
Recasting Persian Poetry is attractively produced, but the press failed the author by an evident lack of copy-editing (among other instances, "Mme de Stahl" instead of de Stael [p.
This volume is one of several examples I have recently read where the press has apparently not invested in copy-editing and left proof-reading to the author.
Each location features a guest speaker--all nationally known copy-editing authorities.
His own style is clumsy, at times ungrammatical, and would have been improved by copy-editing.
Integrators and ISVs are using Adobe's flexible page layout and copy-editing software as an integral part of their overall editorial, advertising, and pagination solutions to help newspapers streamline publishing.
The move is just the latest among Gannett titles, who are following a program known internally as the "Picasso Project," which generally eliminates copy-editing and assignment roles and moves those slots in to reporting and writing jobs.
Instead of farming our copy-editing out to other continents, maybe we ought to consider outsourcing our presidential election campaigns.
That's the delightful head on an article in the current Copy-editing newsletter by Paul R.
com; Copy-editing & distribution: PR&D - Public Relations for Research & Education, Campus Vienna Biocenter 2, 1030 Vienna, Austria, T +43-1-505-70-44, E contact@prd.
The SUNY Press has done Patton a disservice by publishing her work with no apparent copy-editing.
What I can do, however, is to offer the opinion that the method Christy Campbell employs in telling this complex story often confuses; the use of journalese -- 'transiting' for crossing and 'messaging' instead of writing -- jars on this reader, at least, and the copy-editing has sometimes left undone those things which it ought to have done.
I don't think so, but I can't find Absolut Kurrant in the product listing--looks like a copy-editing problem.