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a copier that uses photographic methods of making copies

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The tender includes purchasing of a Fax Copy Machine as well as entering into a framework agreement for equipment dependent consumables for the Outpatient Surgery Section in Ealesund, c/o Health Region ME[sup.
3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Copiers Refurbished is an accomplished and well-established company that provides customers with quality copy machines at affordable prices.
Contract for the supply of a copy machine (CNC) for the AIC Complex in Boro, Bizkaia.
21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Copiers Refurbished is dedicated to providing customers with high quality copy machines at low prices.
Procurement Delivery - Print and Copy Machine, Computer Parts and Accessories (Personal Computers, Laptops, Ups Power -Surse Sites Electirc) for the Forestry Satu Mare, as Specified in the Specifications.
With two 98,000 square foot corporate office locations in Minnesota and Dallas, Copiers Refurbished has the inventory and quality control to ensure that all products are "same as brand new" and is one of the nation's largest copy machine distributors.
One example of a lease option with Copiers Refurbished is the $1 buyout, where the lease is written so customers actually get to keep their copy machine at the end of the lease term.
According to Tennefoss, the Pyxos FT chip for the first time makes it possible to economically and reliably build two-wire control networks inside of machines such as copy machines, packaged air conditioners, elevator cabs, cars, and vending machines.
However, if you do not know how to properly maintain your copy machine, you will probably end up decreasing the lifespan of the copier, which in turn will decrease the efficiency and productivity of your office," said a Copiers Refurbished Representative.
just printed out a 10-page article, and the main thing about it is, I don't have to go to books anymore or go to the copy machine to copy articles from the books, which is time-consuming and expensive.
Along with other scanner features, OpticBook has a copy mode which functions like a copy machine, making quick copies of book pages with the touch of a button - without the annoying black border around the page that often occurs when using a photocopy machine.
In today's economic times buying the best copy machine for a business is more important than ever.
Barrera said even performing the simple task of operating a copy machine can be a source of pride for someone who has never done it before.
I'd like a copy machine and a handyman for some fix-it jobs,'' she said.
The paperless platform has reduced turnaround time, enabled resources and staff to be redeployed and reduced copy machine expenses.