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mechanical device used in printing

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The Paper Clip is a simple-concept copy holder that reduces eye strain and fatigue by keeping copy, photos, etc.
Also, an adjustable copy holder will be much more efficient than putting materials on a chair and risking neck strain as you look back and forth to your monitor.
The placement of computer accessories, such as external storage devices, copy holders, mice, graphics tablets and CAD/CAM input devices.
Use of Bifocals with computers is covered * Equipment placement including monitor position and distance; keyboard and mouse positioning * Use of phones and phone headsets * Keyboard use guidelines * Dangers of the mouse and how to reduce them * Chairs and training related to their use * The evolution of desks and workstations and considerations such as desktop height * Use of support devices, footrests, copy holders * Importance of brief stretch and visual breaks from the computer * Impact of genetics and medical predispositions that increase RSI risk
So avoid at all cost, the magazine cautions, magnetic paper clip dispensers, copy holders with sliding guides, refrigerator magnets and portable radios and televisions emitting strong magnetic fields.
Kensington is a pioneer in ergonomic design, incorporating innovative materials and technologies into its comfort and productivity specific products, including SlimScreen glare filters, Wrist Pillow(R) gel wrist supports, and the InSight(R) line of book and copy holders.