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putting something into a form suitable for a printer

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It said four reporters, a clerk, a copy editor, an assistant editor and a director were being let go, as well as a "maintenance employee.
Washington, Nov 22 ( ANI ): A US newspaper has disciplined its copy editor for changing a line in a story to read 'Obama was allegedly born in Hawaii.
Kramer, who headed the Metro Copy Desk for 12 years before taking early retirement, became (in 2003) the only copy editor at The Washington Post to receive the coveted Eugene Meyer Award, the highest honor for a staff member.
For this reason, our copy editors work diligently to ensure that each story is factually correct, thoroughly researched, and well-presented," says Garcia.
When he arrived at the Post in 1964, after tours in Colorado Springs and Minneapolis, he was a copy editor.
The first clue that ``Fever Pitch'' would not unseat ``Citizen Kane,'' or even ``California Split,'' in the hearts of cinema historians came early one morning in the sports office of the old Los Angeles Herald Examiner, as I and several other real-life Herald copy editors hit our marks for the filming of a pivotal scene.
Its lead article in the June--July 2003 issue, by contributing editor Allan Reeder, interviewed "a range of copy editors across the country--at daily newspapers, national magazines, book-publishing houses, and corporations--for their own cautionary tales, about situations in which material that came across their desks seemed to go too far in some way and to demand questioning.
There were definitely a few copy editors who had a knee-jerk reaction and decided they couldn't work on this," says Chairman Mao.
He really does treat us to accounts of his problems finding decent office space in Manhattan, his run-ins with copy editors, and his troubles with publicists and how he got back at them.
Launched in 1990, it is published six times a year and is described as the "national newsletter for professional copy editors.
This system will allow a small team of copy editors to maintain editorial quality over the long term.
You would never hear a banjo player complain that there are too many banjo players, or a copy editor complain that the proliferation of copy editors is ruining life as we know it.
On April 5, representatives of the American Copy Editors Society (ACES), Associated Press Media Editors, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Online News Association, the American Society of News Editors, the Canadian Association of Journalists, the Radio-Television Digital News Association and Local Independent Online News Publishers will meet in St.
In Texas, Hearst's Express News wanted its staff "reorganization" to be quiet, but a local blogger spilled the beans: nine newsroom staffers -- mostly copy editors -- were let go on Tuesday.