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putting something into a form suitable for a printer

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The copy chief said 'Vern, the whole story's a fake'.
While highly critical, the overall analysis is solid, and the writing is eloquent and smooth (probably due to the editor, who is copy chief at The Nation magazine).
It's fast, it's small, and it works," said MacHome's copy chief Ellen Rush.
From 1982 to 1984, she was copy chief at GEO magazine, and in the mid-Seventies, Rosenbush was the copy chief at New Times Magazine.
NEW YORK, May 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Newsweek , a premier weekly news magazine owned by IBT Media , today announced nine new additions to its staff including Weekend Editor, John Seeley; Culture Editor, Cady Drell; Staff Writer, Michele Richinick; Staff Writer, Jessica Firger; Politics Correspondent, Emily Cadei; Copy Chief, Elizabeth Rhodes; Social Media and Engagement Editor, Shefali S.
From 1996-2004, Byrne was with the Miami Herald, where she worked as a copy editor, Broward edition copy chief, assistant sports editor and deputy sports editor.
Wesley Miller as well as Copy Chief Seimond London and her team of copy editors--Dale R.
I was news editor, copy chief and "Keeping Score" columnist.
CLARK STEVENS, copy chief, Los Angeles Times: "I'm not sure if it's clarified into being a policy.
Our copy chief, Erika Ehmsen, volunteered the services of her veterinarian husband, Steven Randle, to vet out the best advice.
The flyer also features this powerful testimonial from the copy chief at the National Geographic Society: "Finally: a direct response publication that's not a puff piece or scandal sheet.
Cherella Cox, who has served as Chief Editor of Contributors, Newsletters since 2013 has been named Copy Chief of Contributors, Newsletters and Training.
The 20-year Statesman veteran started as a news copy editor and held a variety of jobs, including copy chief, news editor, national editor, metro editor and sports editor.
And to ensure that information is accurate and digestible, Copy Chief Seimond London led our crew of copy editors/fact-checkers, Dale R.
It might seem as if copy editors work late enough, but Brian Throckmorton, the Herald-Leader's copy chief, has found that when he ends his shift at 12:30 a.