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a copier that uses photographic methods of making copies

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If you do not have a shipping account, please send an additional non-refundable check for $20 payable to Camelot Print and Copy Center.
Nayumi Copy Center yielded the highest volume of seized photocopied materials, the NBI said.
Recently Carrollwood Copy Center expanded to offer Florida-compliant secure prescription pad printing for doctors, veterinarians and dentists, as well as, notary service on-site.
DEVENS - ECO2 Copy Centers LLC yesterday announced that it has opened an ECO2 office at the Devens Commons retail plaza at 10 Andrews Parkway.
The copy center switches follow steps by colleges and universities to reduce costs by outsourcing the operation of book stores, recreation centers and dining halls.
McDarment did not disclose how much he paid for Killer Kolor, but said Killer Kolor and the Wenatchee Plan & Copy Center businesses would continue to operate under their own names for now.
The copy center magician will spin a circular gauge to determine the expansion percentage and punch that info into the copier.
The next morning, he woke bright and early and went to the copy center.
After the sentencing, I stopped at a copy center across the street to reproduce the sisters' statements.
Suddenly, we saw all kinds of savings, even in places we hadn't thought of" The district was able to eliminate several staff positions, both from the copy center and from the purchasing office.
In addition to the fully furnished and technology-ready office suites, the site provides tenants with state-of-the-art meeting and training facilities, conference rooms, mail and copy center and concierge service.
The TRM Copy Center also provides a source of low cost copies to meet the retailers in-store business copy needs.
Our competition can't offer variable 'varnish' - the clear dry ink adds value to photo-based projects and gives our clients print materials that stand out in the crowd," said Daniel Mahowald, president, Cornerstone Copy Center.
The current structure includes one analog line in the Copy Center and one line in the Post Office at the rate of $22 per line for monthly recurring service.