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Copulatory organ breakage, in which a portion of the male's genitalia breaks off during copulation is relatively common in spiders (Wiehle 1967; Breene & Sweet 1985; Foelix 1996; Schneider et al.
She also showed that a petasma, the male copulatory organ, was not formed in parasitized male shrimp.
2003 from the gills of Iheringidhthys labrosus in the following characteristics: similar accessory piece of the male copulatory organ, ventral and dorsal bars V-shaped, and accessory piece associated with half of the male copulatory organ.
Because females mate with multiple males, the function of the male copulatory organ may determine which of the males will fertilize most of her eggs.
The term epigynum refers to the external parts and the term vulva refers to the internal parts of the female copulatory organ.
Keywords: Copulatory organs, sexual selection, Linyphia, allometry
However, studies have shown that the copulatory organs of some haplogynes are in fact quite complex (e.
Broken copulatory organs are low-cost adaptations to sperm competition in redback spiders.
Both male and female reproductive segments were dissected, especially the female ovipositor and male copulatory organs.