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an equating verb (such as 'be' or 'become') that links the subject with the complement of a sentence

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Generally, the degree of transparency is most easily determined by comparing two sentences that are identical in terms of the referent and adjective but that have contrasting copulas.
Paul Embrechts discusses the role of copulas, which have become increasingly important in finance and insurance risk modeling.
Bohanec (2012) A method for ranking non-linear qualitative decision preferences using copulas International Journal of Decision Support System Technology, pp.
In different Finnic languages, the copulas that derive from the *le- root indeed exhibit several meanings, including temporal and modal meanings.
The next empirical task is to choose among models with alternative copulas and margins, using non-nested specification tests.
They endeavor to explore the extent to which upper-intermediate Arab learners of English can demonstrate an ability to comprehend and use the verbs of senses when used as copulas (referring to sensing and sensation), main verbs, main verbs with meaning extension (metaphorical use) and finally when used as parts of idioms.
A intencao que norteia esta parte do trabalho e observar tal ordenacao natural com base na abordagem da GDF e, assim, como ja adiantado, ampliar as reflexoes aqui expostas para as construcoes que se utilizam de copulas, uma vez que nao foram tratadas por Pezatti (1992).
Their gorgeous lounge is flooded with light thanks to the large copula and the couple have added splashes of colour with their stylish furnishings.
These modeling capabilities encompass a wide range of statistical techniques including Time Series, Copulas and Monte Carlo Simulations.
They may often be the diachronic source for currently bleached copulas (as is true for many Indo-European copulas).
Sections 9-10 include existential verbs, various types of positive and negative copulas with full conjugations, and object pronouns.
One distinct feature of the proposed framework is the use of parametric copulas (e.
His topics include elements of probability, generating discrete and continuous random variables, the multivariate normal distribution and copulas, the statistical analysis of simulated data, variance reduction techniques, and Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods.