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an Egyptian descended from the ancient Egyptians

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a member of the Coptic Church

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In a televised statement, he said Copts who join the Al-Nour Party hold two paradoxical opinions.
Coptic Christians continue to suffer from unequal treatment in Egypt, and are exposed to violent kidnappings, rape, forced marriage and conversion, forced evacuations of Christian families in the Sinai and parts of Upper Egypt, continued restrictions on building and repairing churches, impunity for those who attack and kill Copts and burn places of worship, the continued use of "community reconciliation" sessions to prevent Copts from receiving justice when harmed by Muslims, the near total absence of Copts appointed to high ranking positions in the government, military and academia, and the continued use and abuse of anti-blasphemy laws to intimidate and silence Coptic voices.
Last week, Egypt's state-run news agency quoted Libyan journalist Malik al-Sharif as saying that militants had kidnapped 13 Egyptian Copts in the coastal city of Sirte, currently under the control of the "Dawn of Libya" militia group.
Historian Ibrahim adds a new preface to review events regarding Copts in Egypt since late 2010, insisting that knowledge of the past of the Egyptian Christians is essential to understanding the current situation.
But Copts interviewed this week stood by their decision to support the massive protests demanding the ouster of Morsi, who many Christians feared was trying to transform Egypt into an Islamic state.
Ayman Moussa told AFP there had been no security at the church since June, despite several attacks against Copts around the country in the wake of president Mohamed Morsi's July 3 ouster by the army.
It may have been produced by Copts living in the US, but they do not represent us or follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Shenouda, who for many years represented a gravity center for the Copts, was always able to establish balance within the Church, managed the relations with the state while exerting pressures on it without using violence or an instigative political or sectarian rhetoric and always settled for abstinence as a way to express his anger toward the state's policies or the events targeting the Copts, disappeared at a turning point and during a critical stage in which the Copts fear over their future and rights.
He will be buried in his native Egypt, where Copts are estimated to make up 10 percent of the country's population of approximately 80 million.
The Copts participated in the anti-Mubarak revolution along with their Muslim compatriots to create a better society where justice and equality prevail.
Although Egyptian Copts staging a sit-in in front of the Egyptian television building in Cairo was supposed to come to an end on Thursday, the sit-in was extended upon receiving word that Salafi Islamists were surrounding a church in Cairo and that the license for a church in Maghagha had been delayed, the influential Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported on Friday.
A meeting held on Friday brought together representatives of various Lebanese Christian sects to denounce violence against and express solidarity with Egyptian Copts who have recently been the targets of sectarian violence, influential Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported on Saturday.
The suspects were arrested a day after they allegedly shot dead the six Copts and a Muslim policeman along a stretch of road with churches and a shopping mall in the southern village of Naga Hammadi on Jan.
Copts in Michigan" is a look at the ethno-religious group known as the Copts, Egyptian Christians.
32, Catholic Insight published a news brief on the fears of Egyptian Copts facing deportation from Canada (May 2006, p.