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the ancient Christian church of Egypt

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The Patriarch of the Catholic Coptic Church, Stephanos, investigated the apparitions and submitted his findings to Pope Paul VI in May 1968.
Only a day after the US legalised gay marriage, Bishop Rafael of Egypt's Coptic Church said that homosexuals are deviations, require treatment and can be cured by 'God's grace'.
When the Coptic church, whose faithful make up about 10 per cent of Egypt's population, withdrew from the panel, its Holy Synod said it considered it "inappropriate to continue to be represented given the reservations of various political forces on how the constitutional commission was composed.
lt;em>Al Jazeera </em>reported that tensions between Salafists and the Coptic Church have been increasing since last year.
At the Saint Mark's Coptic Church in Montreal, Robert Mishriky, a businessman and church official, said a private security firm was hired for Mass for the first time.
Copts will hold a Christmas Eve Mass Thursday at the Coptic Church in Jisr al-Basha, while most Eastern Christians will celebrate Christmas Thursday.
Divorce and remarriage is more acceptable among Egypt's Muslims than most members of the Orthodox Coptic church, which only allows it in special cases such as adultery.
A second marriage is controversial in the Coptic Church in Egypt.
Those responsible for this prize should have been more considerate and sensitive towards the feelings of the Coptic Church and Christians who are dismayed at this novel," Bishop Beshui, a prominent Coptic cleric told Gulf News.
Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria reasserted that the Coptic monastery in Wadi El-Rayan district does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Coptic Church.
Summary: BEIRUT: President Michel Sleiman paid condolences Tuesday at Saint Marc's Coptic Church in Jisr al-Basha after a New Year's Eve suicide bombing near a Coptic church in Egypt killed 21 people.
This is after the deadline for the Coptic Church to release two women expired and just days after a massacre at a Syriac Catholic Church in Baghdad (See MER 11/1/10).
The Coptic Church has said it will appeal the recent court ruling.
Egyptian caretaker of the Coptic Church Bishop Pachomius shows the ballot bearing the name of Bishop Tawadros in Arabic in 2012
A suspected suicide bomber killed 21 people and wounded 97 outside a Coptic church in the Nile delta city of Alexandria during a New Year's midnight service.