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an Egyptian descended from the ancient Egyptians

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a member of the Coptic Church

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Expatriates, particularly Copts, reacted similar outrage.
Yasser Borhamy, the head of the movement, has previously characterised Copts as 'infidels', denying their rights to any important political positions.
An open day event will take place this coming Sunday in the field opposite the Copt Hill pub on the B1404 Houghton-Seaham Road when between 11am and 2pm people will be able to view the dig and talk to archaeologists.
Fifteen-year-old Oliver Fisher, of West Essex, comes to Copt Heath on the back of a fortnight's coaching by Nick Faldo in California.
The aim of those involved in the attack was to kill the largest numbers of Copts possible.
Copts account for an estimated six to 10 percent of Egypt's 80-million population.
Yet, Copts remain disappointed with the lack of attention given to the systematic discrimination under which they live.
Contract award: university of cologne, center for analytical chemistry copt - earth and structural work.
The problem for any Coptic candidate is to run under the individual system, particularly with the new division of constituencies that makes it difficult for a Copt to gather votes," said the Coptic thinker Gamal Assad, noting that the only hope was to include Copts on the lists of some parties.
Today, more than in the past, being a Copt is both a religious affiliation and an adherence to a different way of life.
SUE Nicholson, of Copt Heath, was given a tremendous battle by 13-year-old Alexandra Price before reaching the Jast eight of the Warwickshire Women's Golf Championship at Edgbaston today.
Budorick will join COPT as Executive Vice President (EVP) and COO, reporting to Mr.
Contract notice: University of cologne, center for analytical copt - earthworks and structural works.
MEMORIES linked with the Copt Heath golf course are flowing thick and fast this year as the club celebrates its centenary.