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an Egyptian descended from the ancient Egyptians

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a member of the Coptic Church

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Copts are fiercely proud of their Egyptian heritage that dates back to the age of the pyramids as early as 3000 B.
But in the Arab World's most populous nation, where the ranks of the Copts are dramatically dwarfed by the roughly 90-95% of the population who follow Islam, size matters.
The Copts are Egyptians and respect Islam and the Prophet Mohamed.
Different interpretations of his writings caused the division of the Muslim Brotherhood into several groups, some of which were and still are militant in their opposition to the secular state and the Copts.
Now Copt Heath's magnificent acres are to host the Birmingham Mail Champion of Champions Tournament.
An open day event will take place this coming Sunday in the field opposite the Copt Hill pub on the B1404 Houghton-Seaham Road when between 11am and 2pm people will be able to view the dig and talk to archaeologists.
Fifteen-year-old Oliver Fisher, of West Essex, comes to Copt Heath on the back of a fortnight's coaching by Nick Faldo in California.
90, 50674 Cologne, the analytics and user COPT center is to be built (COPT = Center of Organic Productions Technologies).
16 February 2012 - JP Morgan Securities LLC and KeyBanc Capital Markets have jointly led and book-run a USD250m (EUR193m) term loan to Corporate Office Properties Trust (NYSE:OFC), or COPT, the US office real estate investment trust said on Wednesday.
In truth, the Two Saints church itself had witnessed a sectarian incident four years earlier, when a Muslim - said to have been mentally unstable - stabbed a Copt to death, following sectarian disputes in the same neighborhood.
A third Copt was wounded in the attack Saturday night in Hagaza village, near the town of Qena, the official said, adding that police identified the four assailants who fled.
Having been in a leadership position with COPT and its predecessors for over 18 years and as CEO and as a member of our Board since 2005, I now look forward to retirement from COPT and applying my full energies and skills to the next phase of my life," stated Mr.
Francis expressed closeness to "the Orthodox Copt brothers" of Egypt after the attacks two days earlier in a Cairo suburb.
The name Copt stems from the old name for Egypt, "Aigyptos," which became "Gyptios" in the native Coptic language.