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In this work lanthanides (Ce, Dy, Er, Eu, Gd, Ho, La, Lu, Nd, Sm, Tb, Tm and Yb)are quantitatively determined by using LIBS in vertebrates fossil samples comprising teeth, disarticulated complete or fragmented bones, eggshell fragments, and coprolites of dinosaurs, mammals, crocodiles.
pacificus seems to have coexisted with humans at least since the early Neolithic period, as evidenced by the recovery of diphyllobothriidean eggs in archeological samples such as coprolites or mummies (5).
The dinosaur coprolites that Chin studies formed in much the same way as fossilized bones.
Over most of its extent at Wasson Bluff, the Scots Bay member has a single bed of purple green and white limestone and calcareous sandy mudstone that contains disarticulated remains of the holostean fish Semionotus and unidentified palaeonisciforms, teeth of hybodont sharks, and coprolites.
In such contexts, glauconite is an authigenic mineral developed as pelletal facies (mud coprolites, foraminiferal tests and mineral debris), and less frequently as films growing in holes, cracks and borings on hardgrounds and omission surfaces that may be associated with phosphates (e.
Coprolites, or fossil dung, often include remains of a meal but may also contain burrows of insects and other small creatures--reminders that dinosaurs were members of thriving ecosystems, not merely loners romping across barren landscapes.
The paleobiological implications of herbivorous dinosaur coprolites from the Upper Cretaceous Two Medicine Formation of Montana: Why eat wood?
Dinosaur coprolites and the early evolution of grasses and grazers.
Titled "High Resolution Coproecology: Using Coprolites to Reconstruct the Habits and Habitat of New Zealand's Extinct Upland Moa" and "Resolving lost herbivore community structure using coprolotes etc.
Coprolites from the Pipe Creek Sinkhole (late Neogene, Grant County, Indiana, U.
The artifacts' age can be pinpointed because they are in the same sedimentary strata as human coprolites - go ahead, look it up - that can be dated precisely.