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Coppicing also ensures straight stems rather than a tangle of growth.
These benefits still apply today and we are hoping to bring coppicing back into mainstream use.
Coppicing involves cutting off trees and shrubs to ground level in order to stimulate regrowth and to let more sunlight reach the woodland floor.
Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management in which young tree stems are cut down to near ground level.
Coppicing is an ancient craft where broadleaf greenwood trees, such as hazel, are trimmed to the stump to encourage the growth of stems or "poles.
Coppicing is the ancient practice of cutting trees such as oak and hazel to ground level to encourage further re-growth.
Coppicing - cutting off trees and shrubs to ground level - stimulates vigorous regrowth and allows more sunlight to reach the woodland floor, encouraging the flowering of many woodland plants in Spring.
We wanted to make it a practical event and encourage people to just come and have a go at coppicing, which is easy to do and extremely good for the trees, as it opens up the woodland areas.
Funded in part by the European Social Fund, the scheme will train 10 new entrants in the ancient art of coppicing -- whereby broadleaf greenwood trees, like Hazel, are cut back to the stump, to encourage the growth of new stems (poles) which can then be used to make products such as hurdles, furniture and thatching spars.
Coppicing is to be taught at Dogley Local Nature Reserve at Highburton.
Countryside services officers will show members of the Walsall-based Really Green Discovery Team the ancient skill of coppicing.
Other features include the Golf Pond, created as a source of water to fight forest fires, a restored 150-year-old footpath and bridge and a coppice area ( coppicing and charcoal having been carried out in the wood for centuries.
He lives in a tent, eats rabbits, squirrels, nuts and berries and earns cash from the ancient crafts of coppicing and "bodging" - making useful objects from wood without the use of machinery.
They learned traditional skills of hedge laying and coppicing at Tile Hill Wood.
Countryside services officers will be on hand to show members of the Really Green Discovery Team the ancient skill of coppicing.