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a 60/40 alloy of copper and nickel

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Copper-nickel is typically used for mechanical, electrical, medical equipment and ship propellers.
Benjamin Wiley, an assistant professor of chemistry at Duke claimed that because films made with copper-nickel 'nanowires' are stable and are relatively inexpensive to create, they are an attractive option to use in printed electronics, products like electronic paper, smart packaging and interactive clothing.
Copper-nickel alloys have been widely used in seawater systems for many years.
The southernmost lease of 440 acres is situated immediately south of the Waterhen copper-nickel deposit and the northern two leases consist of 720 acres situated down dip from the Wyman Creek copper-nickel deposit.
These results along with earlier declared calcrete sample assays continue to provide a strong support to the prospects for copper-nickel mineralization at Durkin.
A copper-nickel bulk concentrate was produced for further testing.
One major copper-nickel company has already visited the site and three others have expressed interest.
Richview has been proceeding with a detailed exploration drilling program to assess the copper-nickel mineralization not mined by UMEX and to delineate extensions to determine the economic potential of the Property.
It has a massive sulphide deposit with low copper-nickel showings, and is therefore sub-economic.
The report, which reviews the chromite, platinum-group element and copper-nickel mineralization on the property, can be accessed on the SEDAR website at www.
There are 15 companies operating on more than 35 properties, with most looking for copper-nickel, platinum-group element minerals (PGEs).
The Dunka target represents a potentially high-grade copper-nickel massive sulfide target lying only two miles distant but geologically distinct and separate from our Birch Lake and Maturi resources," said Mr.
7% copper and 38% nickel, are closely associated with the EM anomalies and lie within a mineralized layer in the gabbro containing magmatic net-textured and semi-massive copper-nickel sulphides.
The rocks that comprise East Bull Lake, River Valley and Drury are older rocks and don't have the high copper-nickel content, but has a platinum dominant system so the major metal you're going to find in these rocks is palladium.
Mustang reported copper-nickel intercepts in all six holes extending the minimum strike length of the M2 Zone to 350 meters.