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1992) showed that copper deficiency causes hypercholesteromy because of the increase in hepatic GSH with an increase in HMG-CoA reductase activity, which is the main enzyme that regulates the synthesis of cholesterol.
The anemia of copper deficiency often is associated with the presence of ringed sideroblasts and occurs in a number of clinical settings, including a microcytic, macrocytic, or normocytic anemia.
Over the last decade, the relationship between acquired copper deficiency and neurologic disease has become firmly established.
Secondary copper deficiency, chromium deficiency and trace element imbalance in the moose (Alces alces L.
Key words: rat, ammonium tetrathiomolybdate, copper deficiency, osseous damage.
Importantly, copper deficiency has been shown to be causal in inducing the demyelination in affected animals (77).
In the book, Johnson described current research into the biochemical mechanisms underlying impaired brain development and function that have been associated with copper deficiency.
Copper (in the form of cupric acid) was added to the AREDS formulations containing zinc to prevent copper deficiency anemia, a condition associated with high levels of zinc intake.
Researchers claim this finding supports the hypothesis of a mild copper deficiency in most Alzheimer patients.
A livestock disease surveillance service has issued a warning about the effects of copper deficiency.
Limited evidence has indicated that copper induces the expression of hsp60 in rotifers (16) and that copper deficiency reduces the expression of hsp60-like proteins in rats (17).
Grundon NJ (1980) Effectiveness of soil dressings and foliar sprays of copper sulphate in correcting copper deficiency of wheat (Triticum aestivum) in Queensland.
But the 2001 Scottish Grand National winner performed way below par in his prep race, Cheltenham's Pillar Property Chase in January, and was found afterwards to be suffering from a copper deficiency.
A copper deficiency is thought to have been the cause of Gingembre's problems which ruled out a possible tilt at the Tote Cheltenham Gold Cup.
Copper deficiency can resemble iron-deficiency anemia, and long-term copper deficiency can result in high blood cholesterol.