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Antonyms for cathode

a negatively charged electrode that is the source of electrons entering an electrical device

the positively charged terminal of a voltaic cell or storage battery that supplies current

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China Natural Resources, a British Virgin Islands corporation, through its operating subsidiaries in the People's Republic of China and Bolivia, is currently engaged in the acquisition and exploitation of mining rights and completing its plant and related activities preparatory to commencing the smelting of copper ore and production of copper cathodes at its plant located in western Bolivia.
Under the contract, a factory for copper cathode with capacity of 4,000 tons a year will initially be built.
Based on the Iranian industries ministry' strategy for copper production, it is predicted for Iran to be able to produce 850,000 tons of copper cathode in future," Seyed Mohammad Fatemian announced.
6 million Ib/y of copper cathode during the first five years of operation.
Jacqueline Kabeta, a KCM spokeswoman, has confirmed that the company is to provide Giza with around 8,000 metric tons of copper cathode per annum to feed its planned cable manufacturing plant in Zambia.
He added that copper cathodes were always in demand in the global market.
The project would be similar to Norddeutsche's copper recycling facility in Luenen, Germany, which produces about 180,000 metric tons of copper cathodes annually.
Historically Codelco has minimized use of the Damiana deposit, which produces on average 25,000 tons of fine copper cathodes each year;
BacTech Enviromet Corporation and its partners Industrias Penoles of Mexico and Mintek of South Africa have produced the first commercial-sized copper cathodes from copper concentrate using their proprietary bioleach process technology.
The investment will generate an increase in the production of copper cathodes by some 16,000 tonnes to 250,000 tonnes.
Tenders are invited for Offers From Copper Producers/Traders Under Two Bid System For Procurement Of 500 Mt Electro Refined Copper Cathodes Conforming To Lme Grade A Or Equivalent
Expansions plans are in full swing and the new Mutanda/Kansuki project is expected to have an annual capacity of 200,000 mt/y of copper cathodes and 23,000 mt/y of cobalt hydroxide by the end of 2013.
Its core activity is the production of marketable copper cathodes from copper concentrates, copper scrap and recycled raw materials.
Inmet Mining Corporation (TSX:IMN), a Canada-based global mining company that produces copper, zinc and gold in Turkey, Finland, and Canada, has announced that the Cobre Las Cruces SA (Las Cruces) produced first copper cathodes from a hydrometallurgical process plant.
Boliden said that the investment will optimise production at the smelter's electrolytic refinery, increasing the copper cathodes production by some 16,000 tonnes to 250,000 tonnes.