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We had previously shown that psoriasis patients commonly believe that they will be evaluated solely on the basis of their skin and so often avoid social situations they think will be stressful or humiliating as a coping mechanism.
Some of the important areas outlined by Whaley and Wong (1982) for assessment in order to determine the family's strengths are: available support systems, particularly relationships between family members; perception of the event, including the influences of knowledge of the problem, past experiences, religious beliefs, imagined cause, and perceived effects; and coping mechanisms.
They are usually a coping mechanism - as described in Shobna's case.
Sexual addiction is hard for many to take seriously but, for some people, sex is a major coping mechanism for stress in their life, similar to the way alcohol is for an alcoholic.
Deviation PART F: Coping Mechanism keep cool and refuse to be rushed 3.
We need to understand the ground truth results of this activity and develop some coping mechanism and adaptation measures for the communities, she said.
It must be part of a coping mechanism that kicks in when a calamity occurs.
Of special note is Deb's 'Fall Visualizations: A Daily Practice', a step-by-step example of cultivating a coping mechanism for experiencing and resolving deeply felt emotions.
However, because an individual's spirituality is often very unique and nontraditional, the nature of spirituality as a support or coping mechanism remains an issue for debate and is still in need of extensive research.
But for those who insist that they feel out of sorts, hypnotherapist Sara Whittaker, 45, of Chatsworth, had perhaps the best coping mechanism.
And while it's true that physical activity is an excellent coping mechanism, sometimes the pain is simply too great for this to be an option.
Although depression among older men has been compared to that of older women without consistent findings, it can be pointed out that depressed men who utilize substances as a coping mechanism may be diagnosed as alcoholic rather than as depressed.
Adolescents who have difficulty controlling their anger often use smoking as a coping mechanism, the researchers noted.
14) What starts as an occasional socializing activity, however, later can become a dangerous addiction as alcohol use evolves into a coping mechanism to camouflage the stress and trauma experienced by officers on a daily basis.