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The current copiers are not used for networking, faxing or scanning.
If only 1000 of those companies were to purchase refurbished copiers, or donate the used ones upon purchasing new or leased copiers, imagine the 'green' impact that could have on the environment
From Key West to Barrow, offices are replacing analog copiers with digital machines.
Under EnergyStar, the EPA has also set energy-efficiency standards for fax machines, printers and copiers (which are particularly hard on the environment).
Three-in-one machines typically include a stand-alone facsimile, printer and copier.
The discussion of copiers covers digitalization, color, modularity and traditional technology.
Tsuchiya was led to the copier machines as a source of VOCs in 13 office buildings because they all showed a distinct "fingerprint' or mixture of specific VOCs.
Florida Community College at Jacksonville has installed a groundbreaking, personalized technology system that will keep copiers up and running longer as well as automate supply orders.
The tips for new businesses include various ways of conserving energy and reducing utility bills, networking with other businesses, and purchasing used business equipment such as a refurbished copy machine from Copiers Refurbished.
This Industry Measure/TWGA special report analyzes the use of digital copiers and desktop printers in the larger short-run color and VDP production environments, with an emphasis on the growing acceptance of these devices--not just among small or quick printing shops, but among mid-size commercial shops and established digital printers.
These copiers can be short term rentals, sales demos, off lease contracts, or even repossessions.
7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Copiers Refurbished is excited to announce that the company has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for the past 10 years.
Power and Associates, based on survey responses from corporate decision makers, has ranked Panasonic copiers Number One in its 2006 Business Copier Customer Satisfaction Study, sweeping both the product and sales categories.
19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Copiers Refurbished, a leading nationwide dealer of certified used and refurbished copiers, has released a new article discussing the pros and cons of buying vs.