Copernican system

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(astronomy) Copernicus' astronomical model in which the Earth rotates around the sun

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The implications and repercussions of the Copernican Principle are far-reaching, but there is one important fact that no one should forget: the Copernican Principle is not a scientific fact; rather, it is a metaphysical assumption.
They proposed that the Earth was near the centre of a giant "bubble," or "void," mostly empty of matter, and strongly violating the Copernican Principle.
The Copernican principle, basically, is that you should assume that you are normal, or common, not special or unique, and certainly not that the entire universe revolves around you.
Quantum mechanics does not violate the Copernican principle that the universe cares not a whit about the human race.
But that scenario violates the Copernican principle, a notion near and dear to the hearts of physicists and cosmologists, including Caldwell and Stebbins.
In 1993, Gott used a similar viewpoint -- calling it the Copernican principle -- to estimate our likelihood of colonizing our galaxy and encountering intelligent extraterrestrial life.